Are you frustrated because your implant dentures keep breaking? You invested in implant dentures hoping to enjoy the freedom to bite and chew normally, as well as eat a wide range of foods, but now you can’t eat anything with your broken dentures.

So what’s causing your implant dentures to break, and how can you get implant dentures that will give you great, long-lasting results?

Middle aged man wearing winter coat holding his mouth with his hand with painful expression because of a broken dental implant. Here are 3 Reasons Why Implant Dentures Break!

Imbalanced Forces

One of the most common problems with implant dentures is that they create imbalanced forces when you bite or chew. We see this so often with traditional dentures because dentists aren’t trained to look for this problem when fitting for dentures. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ let us resolve this problem of imbalanced forces because we go through a thorough fitting procedure that includes balancing the forces in your dentures.

With implant dentures, the problem can be even worse. Dentists often count on dental implants to take care of the problem of imbalanced force because they provide stability. But in some cases, this stability can actually worsen the problem. It means the dentures are forced to deal with the imbalanced forces, rather than sliding away from them. This makes them more likely to break. Still, few dentists take the time to properly balanced bite forces on dentures.

Inadequate Support

Another problem with modern implant dentures is that they aren’t getting enough support. Modern dentistry understands that dental implants can be much stronger than natural tooth roots and are capable of supporting significantly more force. This has led to a drive to create implant dentures with fewer and fewer dental implants, from eight to six to four to three dental implants–or less.

Using fewer implants can mean that the denture span between the implants gets longer, and as it gets longer, it has to support more dental force during the process of biting and chewing. This increases the stress on the denture, which makes it more likely to break.

Weak Materials

But the main problem with implant dentures is that they’re often made of materials that are too weak to withstand the bite forces. Whether the bite forces are stronger because of imbalanced forces or because there isn’t enough support, the fact that the denture is too weak is what leads to breaking.

In many cases, implant dentures are made using the same materials as traditional dentures. Unfortunately, these plastics are just not durable enough to withstand the increased bite forces. Even with the addition of ceramic teeth, the denture base might not be up to the task, leading to cracks or dislodged teeth.

To correct this problem, it’s important to upgrade your denture materials. Fortunately, dentistry offers many good options in terms of advanced dental ceramics.

Strong, Beautiful Implant Dentures in Savannah

We understand that you don’t want to invest in implant dentures just to have them fail on you. Nobody deserves that. We have a solution that lets you get implant dentures strong enough to withstand all your bite forces. And they’re beautiful, too.

To learn how you can get durable, beautiful implant dentures in Savannah, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.