There are many reasons to be grateful on Thanksgiving. Being surrounded by friends and family and having the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful time together is tops on most people’s list. But those that have dental implants have even more reasons to be thankful.


I Am Thankful I Can Eat Everything!

Dental implants give you the ability to enjoy all the foods on the table, unlike people with dentures, who may have to settle for soft foods. Mashed potatoes and candied yams are great, but don’t you want to be able to enjoy some turkey or ham? And even something that’s mostly soft like pecan pie can cause problems if little pieces of nuts get up and under your dentures.

I Am Thankful I Can Chew Normally

With traditional dentures, you have to learn a new, less effective way of chewing that can make it take a lot longer to eat normal foods. The long time spent chewing can exhaust your jaw and keep you from enjoying some of the great conversation over the dinner table.

I Am Thankful I Can Fill My Mouth with Food, not Dentures

Traditional dentures are often big and bulky. They take up much more space in your mouth than your natural teeth, which means that you can only have much smaller bites with dentures.

I Am Thankful I Don’t Have to Clean My Teeth after a Snack

Part of the fun of Thanksgiving is snacking on leftovers all evening after the big meal, especially while watching the games on TV. But if you have dentures, you may regret your snack as you find you need to get up and wash out your dentures because food can get under them and irritate your gums or start to smell bad. Bread products like rolls can also stick to your dentures and be hard to remove with your tongue.

I Am Thankful I Can Keep Looking Younger

Traditional dentures contribute to the shrinking of your jawbones, which causes your face to sink, sag, and fold around the chin and mouth. The relatives you only see once a year will probably notice the dramatic difference. But dental implants preserve your jawbone so you can keep looking young year after year.

And with Beyond Exceptional Dentures, you can look even younger! These advanced neuromuscular dentures are designed to restore your face to its youthful proportions, dramatically turning back the clock. Your family will want to know your secret, for sure!

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