Do you have multiple failing teeth? Does it seem like there’s a new problem every time you go to the dentist? Do you have jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJ symptoms? If so, then it’s likely that you will benefit from a full mouth reconstruction.

And if you know or suspect that what you need is a full mouth reconstruction, there’s no time like the present to get it. Here’s why.

Stop Damage

When you have poor oral health, a bad bite, and damaged or missing teeth, these all put your remaining teeth at risk. If you don’t do anything, or if you continue with piecemeal treatment, your remaining teeth will continue to be worn, damaged, or decayed. Even your restorations will be at risk. It’s one of the most important reasons to replace a missing tooth and repair damaged teeth: avoiding damage to other teeth.

With a full mouth reconstruction, we can do what’s necessary to halt the destruction of your teeth. We’ll restore your teeth, repair your bite, and return your mouth to healthy function.

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Get Healthy

You are probably not aware of how big an impact an unhealthy mouth is having on your overall health. In addition to TMJ symptoms, you are likely experiencing the symptoms of a low-grade infection. A lack of energy, a tendency to get sick often, and even acne can be common signs that your body is stressed by your oral health problems. And those are just the signs you may notice: your body is being stressed much more than that, putting you at risk for serious health problems.

As part of your full mouth reconstruction, we will restore your mouth to good health, and as a result you will likely notice improvements in your overall health. The sooner you improve your oral health, the sooner your overall health will improve, too.

Piecemeal treatment, on the other hand, often just maintains a state of poor health, although better health than if you hadn’t gotten treatment.

Enjoy an Attractive Smile

If your smile is in need of a full mouth reconstruction, the damage is likely very visible. This can make you self-conscious on a daily basis. It can impact your quality of life, and your personal and professional relationships as well.

But you don’t have to live with an unattractive smile. When you get your full mouth reconstruction, you will be happy with your smile again. Why wait six months, a year, even ten years to get a smile that will make you happy again?

Matched Restorations

If you repair damage as it comes up, you will end up with many different stages of restoration in your mouth. They may be made of different materials, may even be made by different dentists. And over time, those differences can show.

But with a full mouth reconstruction, we will address all your problems at once and create a matched set of restorations. These will not only look the same, they’ll function together more harmoniously. This can help them work better and last longer.

Save Money and Time

Money should never be your sole motivation in choosing a particular course of action, but if you can get the best treatment results and save money–that’s a bonus!

Full mouth reconstruction can initially seem to be a very expensive procedure. It might seem less expensive to fix just the immediate problem and leave future problems for the future.

But if you take that approach, you’re likely to need more restorations as your teeth become more damaged over time. You’ll spend more and, as we’ve noted above, you’ll get lower-quality results.

And the time you’ll spend making regular visits for each repair is important, too. You have a busy life: why spend so much of it at the dentist. With a full mouth reconstruction, you can get all your concerns addressed in just a few visits.

Are You Ready for Reconstruction?

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