If you are considering a dental implant to replace a missing or failing tooth, you may be able to get a new tooth in just 5 steps (or less, if you’re a good candidate).

Step 1: Find an Implant Dentist

Nothing will make more of a difference to your dental implant success than your choice of cosmetic dentist. Talk to several dentists before deciding on the right one for you. You want to look for a dentist that:

  • Has a good success rate
  • Gets attractive results
  • Will maintain a long-term relationship for follow-up

Talk to dentists about their experience placing dental implants, or if they work with a specialist for the placement part of the procedure. Also talk to the dentist about what the treatment plan is and decide if you think that is a good treatment plan for you.

Step 2: Preparing for Implant Surgery

This step isn’t always necessary, but if you’re not ready for implant surgery, you may have to go through preparatory treatment first. You may need to have a tooth extracted, have gum disease treated, get a bone graft, or other preliminary steps before you are ready to get your dental implants.

Step 3: Placing the Dental Implant

The dental implant is technically just the root that is secured in the jawbone. Placing the dental implant is a short, simple procedure, but depending on your situation, you may not be able to get a tooth on top of the implant right away. If the implant is stable enough, we may place a provisional restoration (dental crown) on top of it. If it’s less stable, we may just put a healing collar on it. If the implant needs protection in order to be able to heal, we may leave the implant completely covered by the gums.

No matter which option we used we now have to wait for the implant to heal into the bone. This usually takes about six months, but it can take more or less time for you.

Step 4: Placing the Abutment

If your implant was completely covered under the gums, placing an abutment–a small piece that attaches the dental implant to the dental crown–requires a separate procedure. Then it may take about two weeks of healing before you’re ready to have the final restoration placed.

Step 5: Placing the Final Restoration

Once your implant is all healed, we can place your final restoration. This highly aesthetic dental crown will give you the attractive and fully functional tooth replacement you wanted.

How Many Steps for Your Dental Implant?

If you want a tooth replacement that is as good or better than your natural teeth, you can get it in 5 steps or less.

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