Sure, a smile makeover can make you look younger. That’s easy. We will whiten your teeth and restore their youthful proportions–longer and less worn. But what about feeling younger? Can a smile makeover do that?

Yes, it can. Here’s how.


A Younger Self in the Mirror

How old are you? Your age is less a number than it is a self-image. And that self-image is partly crafted by the you that you see in the mirror every morning and evening. When that reflected self shows its age, it reinforces a personal sense that you are older than you used to be. You focus on the things that make you feel old, and become more aware of aches and pains that can make your days seem longer and more tiring.

But a smile makeover will help you look younger in the mirror. Not only will your smile look more youthful, but you’ll have the benefit of a nonsurgical facelift to help reduce jowls, facial folds, and a sunken facial appearance that can make you look older. As you see that younger face in the mirror, you’ll reconstruct your self-image as a younger person, too.

People Tell You You Look Younger

Do you know what else will help you construct a younger self-image? People telling you that you look younger than you used to. And that’s what people will say when they see your smile makeover. They’ll notice the ageless beauty of your smile and they’ll perceive the changes in your facial appearance, too, which will make you look much younger, too.

In fact, people may not be able to figure out exactly what you’ve done, so they may also tell you that you’ve lost weight because they’ll notice that your jowls and turkey neck are diminished. You’ll also be smiling more, which makes people think you’re younger.

Smiling More Often

When you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you probably conceal your smile a lot. But if you are happy with the appearance of your smile, you’re more likely to smile more often.

Smiling triggers a response in your brain, leading to a release of endorphins, which are not only natural painkillers, but they help you feel happier and more energized. It’s almost as if you’ve turned back the clock, all with the simple step of smiling more often.

Healthier Jaw Position

As your teeth have been worn down (or even lost), your jaw will have more difficulty maintaining a healthy rest position. This can contribute to TMJ-related pain and problems. You might experience jaw pain and headaches, but it’s likely that you’ll have other problems that can make you feel older. Your posture may be affected, and you’ll find you have a harder time with even minor physical activities.

But with your teeth restored to a healthy position, jaw pain and headaches can pass, as well as some other minor pains such as neck pain and back pain. With less pain, you won’t constantly be burdened with the sense of your age. And a healthier jaw position can help with balance and strength, which can also help you feel younger.

Feeling Healthier

Looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t just form a self-image of age, it forms a self image of health, too. When your teeth are damaged, worn, discolored, cracked, or even missing, it’s easy to develop a self-image of yourself as being unhealthy. After all, it’s pretty clear to see how unhealthy your teeth are.

But when a smile makeover restores health and beauty to your teeth, you don’t get that sense of being unhealthy. Instead, you see a healthy person, with a row of healthy white teeth. Combine that with a diminished sense of your pains, and you’ll be surprised how much it makes you feel youthful.

No Time Like Today to Start Feeling Younger

Older people are more likely to resign themselves to the way things are. Younger people are more likely to refuse to accept that the world has to be how it is. You can take the first step toward feeling younger today simply by deciding to change your smile. Take control of your smile, and feel more in control of your life.

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