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A smile makeover is a great procedure for improving your appearance. It can have the effect of a nonsurgical facelift, making you look younger, and it can certainly make your mouth healthier as well as more attractive. And the results can be very long-lasting.

But that’s only if you do it right. There are many potential mistakes people make in getting smile makeovers that can affect the appearance or longevity of their results.

Not Choosing Their Dentist Carefully

Nothing will make more of a difference for the results of your smile makeover than your choice of cosmetic dentist. People don’t always realize that not all dentists are equally skilled at providing smile makeovers. They may decide to work with their general dentist just because it’s easy. Or they may look for someone advertising a discount smile makeover. If you choose your dentist poorly, you may be disappointed with the appearance or with the longevity of your smile makeover.

Choose a dentist who is serious about cosmetic dentistry. Make sure they can deliver beautiful smiles. And make sure they know strategies such as neuromuscular dentistry that help ensure long-lasting results. If you make the right choice for your dentist, they can help you avoid many of the mistakes below, too.

Choosing Cheap Materials

If you work with a good cosmetic dentist, they will only offer quality materials. But many dentists will try to make a smile makeover seem more affordable by offering a choice of cheap materials.

Don’t be fooled, these cheap materials can be more expensive in the long run. And of course one of the worst parts may be that you won’t like the look of the results even when you first get them.

To get the most attractive and longest-lasting results, choose quality materials for your smile makeover.

Not Treating Enough Teeth

We understand the temptation to just focus on a few teeth. You may be mostly worried about correcting peg laterals or other specific problems. There are the six most crucial teeth that we need to consider in any smile makeover, but you can’t assume that will be enough to give you the results you want.

During your consultations and evaluations, your cosmetic dentist should carefully consider your smile style, your speech, and other factors that influence how many teeth you show on a regular basis. You want to make sure that you improve the appearance of your teeth.

Not Replacing Old Restorations

This may not be your first experience with cosmetic dentistry. You may have old crowns or veneers that you want to maintain from previous attempts. Sometimes this can be managed, but often the results are poor and it’s not worth it.

It’s especially a good idea if your old restorations are metal crowns or fillings that may not be healthy.

Neglecting Their Bite

A smile makeover may be mostly about improving the appearance of your smile, but that’s not the only factor to consider. You have to take into account the health of your smile, too.

One common factor that many dentists either neglect or don’t fully understand is how a proper functioning bite is essential to maintaining your results. If your bite is imbalanced, it will put undue stress on your restorations, which can cause them to either break or to wear down your natural teeth (since many restorations are stronger than natural teeth). Make sure your dentist understands the science of neuromuscular dentistry and is prepared to make sure your smile makeover comes with a healthy, functional bite.

Not Taking Care of Their Smile

Your smile makeover may look great and function properly at first, but if you don’t properly maintain it, you won’t enjoy the longevity your smile makeover is designed to deliver.

The good news is that your smile makeover is actually fairly easy to maintain. Just brush and floss normally, get regular dental checkups, and treat your teeth with respect. Don’t use them to do things they’re not supposed to do, like opening bottles or packages or crack nuts. Don’t chew ice.

If you are given a night guard or other appliance to protect your restorations, use it as directed.

Following your dentist’s instructions carefully will ensure your smile makeover results last for years, even decades.

Are You Ready for a Beautiful, Long-Lasting Smile Makeover?

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