If you are unhappy with the state of your smile because of one or more failing teeth, you might be putting off dental implants because you have fears about the procedure. But dental implants are something you should look forward to because they can make your life much better.

Here are just some of the ways that dental implants can improve your life.

Dental implants give you something to smile about

A Beautiful Smile

If you have lost teeth or have a failing tooth, you’re probably unhappy with the appearance of your smile. A missing tooth is one of the most visible complaints people have about their smiles. Or if you have a failing tooth, it may have turned black because of the death of the tooth nerve inside. Gum disease may have caused receding gums around the tooth, exposing the unsightly yellowish, rough roots of the tooth.

But a dental implant can make your smile whole again with a replacement tooth that looks healthy. Your dental implant will look as good as any of your other teeth, or it can be made to look even more attractive while we restore your natural teeth to give you the smile of your dreams.

No Pain

Failing teeth often hurt. They can be sensitive to pressure or temperature. The gums around them can also be tender as a result of infection.

If you have a missing tooth, this can also be painful. Pain might be the result of a partial denture which directs biting force onto the gums, which aren’t meant to handle that level of force.

But dental implants can eliminate pain. Removing infected teeth and letting the gums heal will eliminate some of the sources of pain. And because dental implants are anchored directly into the bone, they can withstand biting forces without pain.

Eat What You Want

With damaged, failing, or missing teeth, your diet has probably been significantly limited. Painful teeth might mean you’re avoiding hot foods, cold foods, and sweet foods. Tender gums and missing teeth might cause you to avoid spicy foods and sour foods. Loose or missing teeth might mean you’re avoiding hard foods, tough foods, or anything that might get stuck in the gaps. What’s left is a soft, bland diet.

But with dental implants, you can get your bite back. You can have natural-feeling teeth that allow you to eat a full range of foods. Are you ready to add all those foods you miss back to the menu?

Simple Care

If you have dentures, you’re probably getting tired of the care routine, which includes cleaning after each and every meal, not to mention your nightly soak. And your damaged teeth can be hard to care for, too, since they’re tender and sensitive.

But with dental implants, you can say goodbye to a complicated care routine. Just brush, floss, and make your regular dental appointments.

Lifetime Durability

If your teeth are failing, you live with the worry that you could lose them any day. Loose teeth can come out, and a tooth that’s dead inside is being weakened and is more likely to crack. And if you’ve got a denture, you’ve probably experienced how fragile they can be, with one or more breaks that can’t always be repaired.

Unlike most dental restorations, including dentures, dental implants are capable of lasting a lifetime. When you get dental implants, there’s a more than 90% chance that you’ll have them for twenty years or more–and quite likely the rest of your life.

Just Being You

When you have a smile that is missing teeth or that has very visibly failing teeth, you can’t help but feel that it defines you. You are limited by your unattractive smile and feel that you have to hide not just your smile but yourself.

Dentures can help, but they still aren’t just you. They’re something that you wear sometimes, something separate from your identity.

With dental implants, you’ll stop thinking of them as restorations, and they’ll just come to be your teeth. They will be part of you, and your smile will be your smile. You’ll be able to smile freely without being self-conscious about it and without worrying if your denture is in place. You will be able to just be you, naturally and unreservedly.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Dental Implants?

If you are tired of living with a broken, partial smile, maybe it’s time to get dental implants. If you are ready to renew your smile with dental implants in Savannah, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.