If you are considering dentures in Savannah, you should look carefully at your options. Not all dentures are the same. Nor do you have to suffer from the kind of dentures that made life hard for your parents or grandparents. With options like the Denture Fountain of Youth®, also known as FOY® Dentures,  you can enjoy a better quality of life thanks to these great benefits they offer. Let the Savannah cosmetic dentists at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry help you get dentures that make life better. 

More Attractive Smile

before and after dentures client portraits

“Dentures Don’t Have to Look Like Dentures Anymore!” That’s thanks to the comprehensive aesthetics of FOY® Dentures, which can look more attractive and more natural than either traditional or economy dentures. 

Our Savannah cosmetic dentists design FOY® Dentures using the latest technology, techniques, and principles of cosmetic dentistry. FOY® Dentures teeth, for example, are made of an advanced ceramic–not plastic–comparable to what we use in porcelain veneers. Each tooth is individually designed, giving you maximum control over your dentures. You can recreate the smile of your youth or achieve the smile of your dreams–you aren’t stuck with the assembly-line smile that most dentures offer. 

Even the denture base of FOY® Dentures is cosmetic. Made with high-density PMMA, the base is created in layers to give it the depth and translucency of natural gums. Fibers incorporated into the base even give the appearance of blood vessels. These dentures truly do everything to convey a natural appearance. 

More Youthful Appearance

But the cosmetic benefits of FOY® Dentures don’t end with your smile. They can improve your overall appearance, helping you to look more youthful. It’s like getting a facelift without surgery. 

How does this work? The symptoms of aging come from many sources, including the loss of teeth and bone mass in your jaw. When this happens, the support for the lower third of the face contracts, which causes the skin to sag. This contributes to the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles
  • Facial folds
  • Jowls
  • Turkey neck
  • Double chin
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Thin lips

Traditional dentures only try to replace your teeth as they were when you lost them. Our Savannah cosmetic dentists design FOY® Dentures to replace the full volume of your teeth and bones as they were in your youth, providing full support for your skin, muscles, and fat. By providing this support, FOY® Dentures can reduce the above symptoms of aging. 

In some ways, this might be better than a facelift. In a facelift, plastic surgeons look at your sagging skin as “excess.” They pull it tight over diminished teeth and bones, then cut away the rest. This can change your facial appearance. By restoring your youthful proportions, FOY® Dentures help preserve your natural appearance, so you look like you, only younger. 

More Secure Fit

Traditional dentures are often loose. So loose that they can fall out when you’re talking, laughing, and sneezing. They rely on denture adhesives, and even then they move around in your mouth. Even when they aren’t falling out, traditional dentures might not function properly for tasks like biting, chewing or talking. 

We carefully fit FOY® Dentures. Not only do they adhere tightly to your gums, but they also utilize the muscles of your face for additional support. This helps them remain more secure than traditional dentures. 

More Comfortable Fit

People often experience denture pain as a result of the poor fit of traditional dentures. When dentures slide around in your mouth, they can scrape along your gums and impact your gums sideways in painful ways. In addition, poor fit leads to uneven forces on your dentures. The uneven forces lead to pressure and pinch points on your gums, causing pain. 

FOY® Dentures are neuromuscular dentures that work to balance the forces in your mouth. This eliminates pressure and pinch points under your dentures, as well as the painful sliding of dentures. You’ll enjoy more comfortable denture wear with less discomfort. 

Less Bone Loss

When you have dentures,  you will experience bone loss in your jaw. Normally, teeth stimulate your body to maintain bone mass in the jaw. Once teeth are gone, the body begins to remove what it sees as “unnecessary” bone. No dentures can stop this, although dental implants can. 

However, traditional dentures can actually speed up bone loss. The pressure points under your dentures aren’t just painful, they signal to your body that the jaw bone might be harmful and needs to be removed at a faster pace. 

By balancing the forces in your mouth, FOY® Dentures don’t accelerate bone loss. This helps you maintain more jaw bone for longer. 

Better Biting and Chewing

FOY® Dentures can give you a better biting and chewing function than traditional dentures. Part of the improvement is the more secure fit. When dentures are stable and secure, they can provide more bite force, helping you to bite and chew your food better. 

Another important benefit of FOY® Dentures is the ceramic teeth. These teeth are sharper and can retain their sharpness better than the plastic teeth that many dentures use. 

Less Staining and Odors

Traditional dentures are highly vulnerable to staining. That’s because they’re permeable plastic. This lets stain molecules penetrate into the teeth and base, leading to discoloration. While careful cleaning can slow the discoloration, it’s almost inevitable with traditional dentures–and economy dentures are even worse. They use lower-density plastic that has more voids, which makes it easier for staining molecules to seep in. 

The problem with odors is the same. As bacteria and molecules from food penetrate the dentures, they can develop strong smells that normal cleaning can’t remove. 

FOY® Dentures resist stains and odors. FOY® denture teeth are ceramic, which doesn’t let staining or odor molecules penetrate them. In addition, the high-density PMMA base is less permeable, so fewer staining and odor molecules get in. 

Get FOY® Dentures in Savannah

If you are considering your denture options in Savannah, GA, don’t make a decision without looking closely at FOY® Dentures. These highly advanced neuromuscular and cosmetic dentures can help you live your best life in dentures. To learn more about FOY® Dentures in Savannah, please call (912) 228-4724 or email Beyond Exceptional Dentistry to schedule an appointment at our office in the Victorian District of Savannah.