If you are considering a smile makeover, you might also be considering postponing it. There are always reasons to postpone something you want to do, always excuses for why you can’t possibly do it now.

But there are also good reasons why you should put aside your excuses and get the smile of your dreams today. Here are five of them:

Your Smile Might Be Getting Worse

If your teeth are unattractive, they might also be unhealthy, and many dental conditions are progressive. If your teeth have minor decay today, that decay will get worse. Teeth that are crooked now will get more crooked, and they may chip or crack. Teeth that are chipped, worn, or cracked because of an imbalanced bite may fail and be lost, and your bite will get even more out of balance.

Getting your teeth and your bite fixed today can stop this process of decline.

Maintenance Can Be Expensive on an Unhealthy Smile

You might be hoping to save up money to be able to pay for your smile makeover, but the truth is that it’s hard to save when you’ve got an unhealthy smile. A crown here, a filling there, maybe even a root canal or two will drain your savings, and you’ll end up paying more for your mismatched set of restorations and unhealthy mouth than you might have paid to get yourself a beautiful, healthy new smile.

Reap Health Benefits Today

If your smile is unhealthy, the effects of that illness are felt throughout your body. Diabetes, heart problems, stroke, chronic infections, and even cancer can all be related to your unhealthy smile. Getting a healthy, beautiful smile today will allow you to preserve your health for the future.

Start Earning More

We’ve said it before: an unattractive smile can put a significant dent in your earning ability. The sooner you get your smile makeover, the more time you will have to take advantage of your new, attractive smile to improve your circumstances.

Make Great First Impressions

You only get one chance to make a first impression. That means that every person you meet from today until the “someday” you finally get your smile makeover will judge you on the basis of your unhealthy and unattractive smile. The snap judgments they make about your health, your cleanliness, your intelligence, and other aspects of your identity will be hard to remove.

The sooner you get your smile makeover, the more people will get the right impression of you from your beautiful smile. And remember, your smile is more important than your clothes in making the right first impression.

Be Happier

There are lots of ways your smile makeover can make you happy. At the simplest level, it will make you more eager to smile. The more you smile, the happier you feel. But it will also make people respond more to your smile. This will help you feel more welcome and happier with others.

But perhaps most importantly, your smile makeover will now be something you’ve done. You will have the confidence of knowing that this was something you wanted to do and then did, not the uncertainty verging on regret of not getting your smile makeover.

“Someday” Might Never Come

And that regret might become permanent. If you don’t get your smile makeover today, who’s to say that you’ll get it tomorrow? Or next year? Or the year after that? Putting your dreams off is a good way to make sure they never happen.

Even if you can’t literally get your smile makeover today, it’s important to make a concrete plan and timetable to make sure that this isn’t just another piece of wishful thinking that turned into regret.

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