We all want to be ourselves, especially in person. And what is more personal than your smile. So people are understandably concerned that cosmetic dentistry might make them look fake or insincere.

But the opposite is actually true. Getting a smile makeover can help you look more sincere, more genuine. It can help you let out the real you that you may not be comfortable revealing right now.

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Cosmetic Dentistry Looks Natural

The big misunderstanding that drives this worry is that cosmetic dentistry will give them fake-looking teeth. But the truth is that cosmetic dentistry is capable of mimicking natural teeth impeccably.

With the use of modern material and techniques, under the guidance of expert, experienced cosmetic dentists, most people won’t be able to tell your teeth aren’t natural. When you meet someone, people will just think you have an attractive smile, not that your smile is fake or artificial.

Smiles Make You Look More Genuine

If you’re afraid of looking fake, you should understand that not smiling will make you look less genuine. Studies have shown that people consider smiling faces to be more trustworthy and open. People who don’t smile or who don’t show their smile are seen as not being honest.

If you’re unhappy with your smile now, it’s likely that you are currently hiding your teeth. By doing this, you’re unwittingly making yourself look insincere. But when you show your smile again, you’ll look more true.

No More Faking Smiles

Many people try to smile even though their smile makes them unhappy. This completely undermines the value of smiling. When you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you have to force yourself to show it–and people can tell.

In this case, people are right to think that you’re being fake because you are. You are smiling even when you don’t feel like smiling. Not knowing why you’re not wanting to smile, people may suspect you of all kinds of motives. That makes it very hard to maintain the appearance of a sincere, trustworthy person.

Let Your True Self out

People think that getting a cosmetic dentistry procedure like a smile makeover is putting on a mask, but the opposite is true. An unattractive smile is more like a mask that keeps you from showing your true self. Every time you want to smile, you stifle it. Every time you want to talk, you cover your teeth. You may want to go to dinner with someone, but your teeth might keep you from doing it.

But when you love the appearance of your smile, you’re free to just be you. You can do the things you want to do and express the feelings you feel without hesitation. Cosmetic dentistry can help you be the true you that you’ve never been free to be in the past.

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