More and more women are coming to reject the notion that in order to look beautiful, they have to look younger. Far from striving to look like they did in their 20s, they want to retain their age while enhancing their beauty. The goal is health and radiance, not rejuvenation.

And a smile makeover can help achieve those goals.

The Best Time of Our Lives

This new direction in women’s aesthetics is in part a rebellion against unrealistic marketing in cosmetics, but it’s also partly a realization by older women that they are much better off now than they were when they were younger.

Women have rebelled against cosmetics that make unrealistic–and unwanted–claims about rejuvenating their appearance. Women know they can’t achieve the same facial appearance they had when they were younger, and, to some extent, they don’t want to. They look at their wrinkles as hard-won lines of experience, a badge of honor for making it so far in an unforgiving world.

And if that experience has taught us anything, it’s how naive we were when we were younger. Nobody wants to go back to that time of not knowing what truly matters in life, wasting time with all the petty drama that filled up our days back then. Now we know what we want and we know how to get it.

Health, Function, and Beauty

A smile makeover is different from most other cosmetic procedures that you might consider. Not only does it have the ability to beautify your smile, but it can also help improve the function of your teeth as well. If you have symptoms of TMJ, such as jaw pain or headaches, a smile makeover can rebuild your teeth to help your jaw rest in a comfortable position.

Having a healthy jaw can eliminate painful symptoms, but it can also help support an active lifestyle.  Your jaw is an important brace for muscles of the head and neck, and when the jaw is in a healthy position, it encourages proper alignment of the muscles and bones of the neck and spine, which in turn helps them work more efficiently, so you can enjoy improved balance and strength. Whether your exercise of choice is running or yoga, you can enjoy better muscle function and balance.

And with a smile makeover, we can seek to reconstruct your smile at any age you were happy with it, or create an entirely new smile that you will love. We can design it to look natural at your current age, so you won’t have to give up your air of experience for your new smile. You can enjoy your laughter lines and have confidence to show your teeth.

And if you are looking for facial rejuvenation, your smile makeover can do that, too.

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