We have spent more time at our homes as a result of the recently lifted shelter at home order in Georgia. And while this means we’ve been seeing fewer people in person for the last few weeks, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been reassessing our smiles.

If anything, it has made many of us more conscious of our smiles. That’s because we are spending more time alone with ourselves. We are assessing how we feel about ourselves, including how we feel about our smiles. And then there’s the dreaded Zoom call. While many people may revel in the opportunity to work without pants, many of the rest of us are lamenting how front-and-center these video calls make our smiles.

But what can you do if these experiences have reminded you just how unhappy you are with the appearance of your smile? Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can help with almost any complaint you might have about the appearance of your smile.

woman holding a piece a paper with a smile on it in front of her face

Discolored Teeth

Getting on a video call can make you wonder about just how discolored your teeth are. Sometimes it’s just the lighting that can make your teeth look darker. But if you’ve messed with the illumination and figured out that your teeth really are that discolored, we can help.

Teeth whitening, of course, is a basic approach that can dramatically brighten your smile. It’s easy and inexpensive. But it’s better to get whitening from a dentist rather than trying to whiten them with home whitening kits.

However, if you have other cosmetic concerns, it might be better to choose a procedure that can address discoloration as well as other problems at the same time.

Crooked Teeth

Many of us think that our teeth aren’t that crooked, until we get a closeup look at them. Selfies have long been giving people unaccustomed views of their teeth. But for the non-selfie crowd, video calls have been a wakeup call for many.

If you’re unhappy with crooked teeth, there are many solutions. The most basic, of course, is orthodontics, which moves your teeth into more attractive positions, making them straight and even. In the past, this meant years in braces. But now with Six Month Smiles, most people can enjoy a straight, beautiful smile in about six months.

Of course, it’s possible to combine teeth straightening with fixing other problems at the same time.

Metal Fillings

We often think the fillings in the back of our mouth don’t show when we talk. That is, until we actually watch ourselves talk. Then you’ll see that some of those back teeth you thought were hidden are actually quite visible.

Metal fillings often look as bad as or worse than cavities. After a little while, they turn black with age and corrosion. Combine this with temperature sensitivity, and metal fillings can be an uncomfortable burden.

Fortunately, it’s possible to replace those old metal fillings with new ceramic fillings that look beautiful, protect your teeth from temperature changes, and can last for decades.

Missing Teeth

You might have opted not to replace a missing tooth, thinking it wasn’t a big deal. Or perhaps you thought that the partial denture you use is attractive. Unfortunately, maybe now you see how visible a missing tooth is, and how often your partial or full denture is out of place.

The good news is that dental implants are not just a beautiful tooth replacement–they always stay in place.

And if you’re missing all your teeth, you can replace that full denture with Fountain of Youth Denture®, which not only stay in place and give you an attractive smile–they can help you look years younger, even from the sometimes unflattering angle of the video call.

All of the Above

But what do you do if you have many different and overlapping complaints about your smile? Simple: a smile makeover can address these problems and more. For things like discolored, worn, and crooked teeth, veneers work great. If you have missing teeth, too, they can be combined with a dental implant procedure.

Have a Smile You’ll Always Be Proud to Show

If you’ve recently realized how unhappy you are with  your smile, we can help. If you are in the Savannah area, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.