You may not know this, but you still need dentures if you get dental implants. Dental implants replace the tooth roots, but the visible portion of your teeth, the part that helps you talk and chew and that shows when you smile, still has to be replaced with a denture. And your choice of denture matters.

Fountain of Youth Denture™ are designed to be the best dentures available, and they can give you a better experience if you use them along with dental implants. Here’s how.

They Will Be More Comfortable

Your comfort with dentures isn’t necessarily going to improve just because you got dental implants. In fact, it might even get worse. Poorly fitting dentures can not only put pressure on your gums, they can stress your jaw muscles because they don’t let you get your jaw into a comfortable position. This can be worse when you get dental implants, because there’s no “give” in your dentures anymore–they can’t slide around to find a slightly more accommodating position. Some people with dentures, even implant dentures, develop TMJ as a result of the unhealthy position of their jaw.

Fountain of Youth Denture™ are designed to fit your jaw perfectly. They take into account all your muscles, nerves, and bones to ensure that your jaw position is one of maximum comfort. It may take a little bit to adapt from the accommodations your jaw made to the poorly fitting dentures, but once that happens, you will be happy with the level of comfort with your new dentures.

They Will Look Better

Cheap dentures will still look cheap, even if they’re secured by dental implants.They may stay in place when you talk, eat, or smile, but that won’t make up for teeth and gums that look fake.

Fountain of Youth Denture™ are designed to look like natural teeth and made with the most advanced and attractive denture materials. The base is naturally translucent and marbled like natural gum tissue and the  teeth are made from a similar material to porcelain veneers, so you can have a Hollywood smile even after you’ve lost all your teeth.

If you are investing in dental implants, don’t you want a smile that you can proudly show off?

You Will Look Younger

Dental implants can help you look younger than you would with traditional dental implants. They can stop the loss of bone in your jaws so that your bone structure doesn’t shrink more, resulting in an excess of skin and other tissues.

But many implant dentures aren’t designed to completely replace the teeth and bones you’ve already lost. As a result, you can end up with sagging jowls, loose skin in the neck, and a sunken appearance around the mouth.

But Fountain of Youth Denture™ are designed to replace all the lost tissue, restoring your face to its youthful proportions, and reversing many of the effects of aging on your appearance.

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