Ramona“It takes a community to build a community.” These are Ramona Jeffries’ guiding words in life. She is the owner of Islands Helping Hands Thrift Store on Whitemarsh Island and a patient of Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

She saw a great need for a unique thrift store option on the Island to help support those in need. Armed with a Masters in Nutrition and Public Administration, she first tried to partner with a specific charity, and the timing didn’t work out. She began to dream of something bigger, a thrift store in which 100% of the sales would go to help ALL charities. She created a 501(c)3, recruited a Board, and was in business in June 2019.

She spent all of her time helping others in need and ignored her self-care. Ramona’s brother also needed dental care, and she tried to convince him to get the care he needed. Unfortunately, he passed before getting treatment. That inspired her to get treatment for her teeth which needed serious work. She knew it would take an experienced and highly skilled cosmetic dentist. Her research brought her to Dr. Strickland and Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Asked what her experience has been with our office, and her face, already bright, lit up more. “I received the Fountain of Youth Denture, and they are absolutely beautiful! My new smile has changed the way I look, and I feel great… and the denture allows me to eat just like natural teeth. The treatment is effortless and the staff made it truly easy.”

And what does Ramona think about the service? “It is BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL. I LOVE the staff. They are the best. The experience is so relaxing – and that goes a long way with dentistry. You choose the music you want to listen to (she likes chirping birds), have a drink of your choice, and look out the window at the gardens. You feel like you’re visiting a wonderful place, not a dentist’s office. I’m never anxious. There is never a wait. It’s a dental office like nowhere else.”

Romana standing outside of the Thrift Store she owns.
And, the Islands Thrift Store is like no other thrift store. You bring in donations, choose a charity from the list of charities that have signed on with them, and all sales from your donations go to that charity. The Board writes grants to support the operations so that all sales can be donated. Each month the store has a different charity focus such as Blair’s Foster Socks, Toys for Tots, One Warm Coat, Blankets for Union Mission to name a few. Their annual fundraiser is during Thanksgiving. Beginning November 2 of each year, they sell smoked and fried turkeys, and Paula Deen’s (also one of our patients!) pecan pies. Ramona personally delivers the fried turkeys on Thanksgiving!

This season Islands Thrift Store was able to donate 82 toys to Ronald McDonald House and 64 blankets to Seniors Citizens Inc. And, currently, you can add a hygiene kit to your purchase, which goes to the Old Savannah City Mission.

Her greatest need is volunteers. Our greatest need is more folks like Ramona. She is truly an inspiration. And just be careful if you stop by the store, she might break out into song! And, we are honored to have given her a healthy beautiful smile to accompany her life of giving, joy, and song. Isn’t Ramona’s healthy new smile absolutely beautiful?!

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