Americans spend countless dollars on lotions, creams, injections and surgeries in an attempt to maintain a youthful look. According to a new study, however, they may be far better served spending a little more wisely at the grocery store.

Anti-Aging Food

Research out of France’s national department of health (INSERM) suggests that western diets make people age quicker and less gracefully when compared to a specific diet, which also appears to promote better health. The study, which appeared in The American Journal of Medicine examined over 24 years of data related to 4350 men and women. Ultimately, the researchers found that subjects who ate according to the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) enjoyed longer, healthier lives, when compared to subjects who ate western diets, consisting of large amounts of sugar, fried foods, red meat, refined grains and high-fat dairy products.

The AHEI Diet

According to the researchers who conducted this study, an AHEI diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. By eating these types of foods on a consistent basis, they say people can slow the aging process and prevent numerous deadly medical conditions.

When the Damage Is Already Done

If we could relive our lives, most of us would make all sorts of different decisions that might make us look younger today. Unfortunately, few of us ate perfectly in our youth. By committing to better eating habits, you may be able to slow the aging process; however, if you’re already frustrated with existing premature signs of aging, a new diet isn’t likely to help.

Practical Ways to Look Younger

Age-related facial flaws can occur for a number of reasons, including sun exposure, genetic characteristics and poor diets. That said, many times, unattractive age-related flaws are rooted in our mouths. As we age, our teeth wear, causing our faces to take on a sunk-in appearance in which our noses and chins appear to be closer together. Not only does this make us look unhappy and less approachable; it can promote the development of jowls, chin wrinkles, lip compression and more.

Fortunately, Dr. Reeves and Dr. Strickland can dramatically reduce these flaws by providing non-surgical facelifts, which restore teeth to help support facial tissue. Patients enjoy fuller, younger-looking faces that make them feel more confident and outgoing. To learn more, contact our office today.