senior couple hugging and smiling while walking along trailAre you facing the loss of your natural teeth? Are you someone who doesn’t want to settle for traditional dentures or even implant dentures that might make you compromise? 

If you want the best implant dentures have to offer, consider CeraSmile® at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah. CeraSmile® is the All-Ceramic Smile that Fits You. It utilizes the most recent advances in many areas of dentistry to produce an innovative ceramic hybrid bridge–also called a denture. You might have to give up your teeth, but you don’t have to give up anything else. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

One of the most important things to understand about CeraSmile® is that it’s an implant-supported denture. Many implant dentures are implant-retained dentures. Dental implants hold them in place, but your gums still support the denture. This limits your ability to bite and chew with these implant dentures. 

CeraSmile® is fully supported by dental implants. This gives you the maximum bite strength you can attain with dental implants–almost exactly what it was with natural teeth. Plus, this makes CeraSmile® dentures more comfortable–they don’t pinch or press down on your gums. 

Advanced Ceramic Strength

Modern dental materials give your Savannah implant dentist more options than ever for making dental bridges that are strong enough to endure the strain of biting and chewing. The ceramic that we use for CeraSmile® implant dentures is even stronger than the dental implants it attaches to. This means that with the proper fit, these dentures will endure pretty much any normal biting and chewing situation. 

Dentures That Adapt to You

There are many implant dentures out there, and some of these systems promise to easily replace all your natural teeth with only a few dental implants. 

What dentists don’t tell you is that these systems were designed by engineers as a few-sizes-fit-most approach. They aren’t custom designed for people who are getting the dentures. Instead, the denture design requires adaptation of your mouth to the denture system. This often involves removing bone structure from your jaw. Removing this bone can affect your overall appearance, the comfort of your bite, and your long-term results. 

Another thing that sets CeraSmile® apart from other implant dentures is that this is a system designed to adapt to your jaw. The Savannah implant dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry won’t reshape your jaw to fit the implant denture we manufacture. We manufacture an implant denture to fit you. 

Harmonizing Your Bite

One of the benefits of building a denture to suit you is that it allows your Savannah implant dentist to construct a denture that promotes the harmonious relationship between the elements of your bite system. Your jaw bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and more can all work together to improve not just function, but also comfort. A harmonious bite can reduce, eliminate, or prevent the symptoms of bite disorders like temporomandibular joint disorder (called TMJ or TMD). This helps you avoid the jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, and other symptoms that can sometimes accompany poorly fitting dentures. 

Raising Beauty to Its Full Potential

Perhaps the biggest draw for people seeking CeraSmile® is its outstanding beauty.  This also brings out complementary beauty in its wearers. The ceramic we use for CeraSmile® isn’t just strong, it’s beautiful. It is as beautiful as natural teeth, and with our custom approach to each restoration, your Savannah implant dentist can achieve a natural appearance that doesn’t look fake. 

CeraSmile® is also customizable in ways that many implant dentures just aren’t. You can choose what you want your smile to look like, whether that’s a completely new smile or the smile you had when you were happy to show it. 

However, it’s not just your smile that CeraSmile® beautifies. We talked about how we custom-fit the CeraSmile® system to you. This does more than preserve your bone and harmonize your bite: it can help you look younger. Using principles similar to what makes the Denture Fountain of Youth® and a non-surgical facelift work, CeraSmile® dentures can help you look younger. CeraSmile® implant dentures replace lost facial structure to help you achieve your youthful proportions again. This helps you get a more youthful appearance–one that won’t look operated-on or augmented, because it’s not. It’s just your restored facial proportions as they should be. 

Advanced Ceramic Implant Bridges in Savannah

If you are looking for a leading edge solution for your lost teeth, let the Savannah implant dentists at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry help. Dental innovator Dr. Rod Strickland is the inventor of CeraSmile®, and he and his team are prepared to show you the full potential of this amazing new approach to replacing lost teeth. 

Please call (912) 234-8282 or use our online form to request an appointment at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry’s dental office in the Victorian District of Savannah.