Have you ever had to drop out of a family activity because of your migraine headaches? If so, then you’re not alone. In fact, most people with chronic headaches and migraines report that they’re not the only ones who suffer–headaches also affect children and spouses. When you’re suffering from chronic migraines, the last thing you want to do is go have fun with your family. Instead, you might find yourself hiding awake in a dark room, leaving the burden of your parenting responsibilities on your spouse. Your spouse might feel overwhelmed and also neglected because of your migraines.

Learn how chronic headaches can affect your family life and what actions you can take to improve them.

How Chronic Migraines Affect the Family

When you’re suffering in pain, you likely aren’t being present enough as a parent or as a spouse. In addition, your overall health, career, and quality of life are also suffering.

Have you ever postponed family plans due to a migraine? Or perhaps put off a vacation? Spent less time with your partner or skipped your child’s basketball game?

Not only do chronic migraines impact your own quality of life, but they can hurt your relationships with your children, spouse, coworkers, and everyone you know.

To understand just how large of an impact chronic migraines play in relationships, CaMEO conducted a survey to study the effects. Of 19,891 respondents,17.8% of respondents in a relationship but not living together felt as though their migraines impacted their relationships. 3.2% of respondents in a relationship and living together also felt that migraines impacted their relationships.

In addition, 10% of respondents claimed that they didn’t want children, delayed having children, or had fewer children than desired due to having chronic migraines.

Lastly, 32.7% of respondents claimed that chronic migraines affected their career and 32.1% claimed it causes them to worry about long-term financial security.

In a different study, 75% of migraine sufferers said they would be better spouses if they didn’t suffer from frequent migraines. 60% claimed they would be better parents if they didn’t suffer.

With that said, if you’re dealing with chronic migraines and feel like you’re not the best parent, spouse, or employee, know that you’re not alone. The best step to start improving your life and relationships is by finding a migraine treatment that works for you.

Chronic Migraines Can Cause Depression

Another way that migraines can affect your family life is by causing you to suffer from depression. Suffering from painful migraines alone will make you want to hide away in a dark room, but depression can take this to the next level. Migraine attacks can last for days and with depression on top of them, you might never feel like leaving your bed.

Without finding the proper treatment for your chronic migraines, it can cause you to feel angry, frustrated, and depressed because you feel hopeless that you will never see an end to the pain.

To help prevent depression from chronic migraines, there are a few steps you can take. First, establish a healthy lifestyle. A good place to start is by getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night, eating a healthy diet (with limited processed food), drinking sufficient water, and exercising regularly. Those habits alone can help reduce stress, give you more energy, and help reduce headaches.

Next, you can start your research for effective migraine treatment. Try to keep a log of when your headaches happen and what activities/foods may play a role in them. After keeping a log, you might be able to pinpoint a correlation between something in your life and when you get migraines.

If you’re still lost, it might be worth exploring other symptoms you experience regularly outside of migraines. For instance, do you also experience jaw pain, neck pain, tinnitus, or ear pain? Do you snore when you sleep? Looking at other symptoms might help you pinpoint what the cause of your migraines is. Once you determine the cause, you have a much better chance of finding an effective treatment.

Enjoy Family Time Again with Fewer Migraines With TMJ Treatment in Savannah, GA

Are you tired of missing out on family activities or being mentally checked out of the fun by pain? We can help. One of the top causes of migraines that is often undiagnosed is TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder is a chronic condition that affects the entire jaw system. If one aspect of your jaw isn’t working correctly, it will cause an imbalance. With the imbalance, the jaw joints try to correct themselves by straining the jaw muscles. As the muscles become strained, they can cause an immense amount of pain that spans across your face, down your neck, into your shoulders, and even into your ears. As a result, those suffering from TMJ experience frequent migraines.

With that said, TMJ treatment in Savannah, GA can restore balance to your jaw system and therefore reduce the number and severity of headaches. As a result, you can spend more time being you, and being the best parent and spouse you are able to be.

To learn how TMJ treatment can help you, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.