It’s no secret that dentures are not very popular. If they were, dental implants would not be making such dramatic gains in dentistry. However, many of the common complaints people have about dentures can be fixed without dental implants.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to overcome the limits of traditional dentures to give you dentures you can be happy with. Here’s how we solve these common complaints.

Dentures Fall Out or Move

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to fit better than traditional dentures. A big part of this is our use of a dynamic impression process that helps us determine the margins of all the muscles and allows us to utilize these muscles in helping your dentures stay in place.

My Bite Doesn’t Feel Right

Many dentures aren’t built with a good understanding of how your bite should work, and this leads to teeth that fit together poorly, what we call malocclusion. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed using the insights of neuromuscular dentistry, which focuses on the workings of your bite and the effects of occlusion on the health of your jaw. This allows us to create a bite for you that is healthy and highly functional.

I Can’t Eat the Foods I Want

With better fitting dentures and a healthy bite, you will be happy to find that you can enjoy many foods you thought couldn’t be eaten with dentures. Most people with Fountain of Youth Dentures™ can eat anything they want, and for those who can’t the restrictions are much less than those for traditional dentures.

It’s Hard to Talk

Dentures that aren’t secure or aren’t designed on the principles of a dynamic jaw system can be hard to talk with. They are either slipping regularly or they aren’t the right proportions for making the right sounds with your tongue. With natural teeth proportions (see below), Fountain of Youth Dentures™ can give you clear enunciation.

They’re Uncomfortable

There’s a fundamental problem with dentures–they sit on your gums, which were never meant to support the force of chewing. This can lead to discomfort, especially if your dentures aren’t properly balanced on your gums. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ balance the force of chewing evenly on your gums, and distribute some of the force through the muscles that help support them in order to minimize discomfort.

They Make Me Look Older/Unattractive

This common complaint is really two different problems. Traditional dentures can make you look older because they are too short, and they’re set too far back. Dentures that are too short can lead to more sagging and folding skin in the lower part of your face (See non-surgical facelift for an explanation of how tooth height affects appearance). Traditional dentures are typically set too far back to make them more stable, but this gives a sunken-in appearance to the face. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to give you a youthful height and position for your teeth.

Another problem is that dentures often aren’t made to be attractive teeth. Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to give you a beautiful smile, the kind that people would want to get out of a smile makeover, with natural, attractive tooth dimensions.

There’s no reason why a person with dentures can’t have as beautiful a smile as someone with natural teeth. At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, we strive to make that happen. To learn how we can help your smile, please call (912) 234-8282 for an appointment.