There are many things that you can buy based on price. If you can go to two different stores and get the exact same merchandise, why shouldn’t you choose the one that’s less expensive?

But when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you will never have exactly the same dentistry if you visit two different dentists. And there are so many ways that an inexpert dentist can cause problems, it makes no sense to choose the cheapest dentist. Instead, always choose the dentist that gives you full confidence that you will get quality results.

Unattractive Results

You are getting cosmetic dentistry because you want an attractive smile, but not all dentists are equally skilled at giving attractive results. Whether the dentist’s materials, training, or talent are to blame, many cosmetic dentists will give unattractive results.

We often see patients in our practice that have gotten cosmetic dentistry at another practice, and we see many problems with the cosmetic dentistry they received, such as bulky teeth, fake-looking teeth–either in their shape or material–or imbalanced. Sometimes, people have discolored restorations that just don’t look right.

Uncomfortable Bite

Other inexperienced or inexpert cosmetic dentists may have a different problem entirely. These dentists focus so much on the appearance of the smile that they forget to pay attention to the function of the teeth. In trying to create large, attractive teeth, the dentist may interfere with your body’s natural bite system.

If your bite system is interfered with, it will likely cause you discomfort when you chew. Your bite just won’t feel right. And, if left in place, that dentistry could contribute to the development of TMJ, a jaw disorder with serious, long-lasting complications.

Broken Restorations

Other times, it won’t be your jaw suffering the most from the poorly placed restorations. It might be the restorations themselves. When subjected to imbalanced and extreme bite forces, dental restorations can break prematurely. You should get years and years of enjoyment out of your porcelain veneers or other restorations, but you may get far less if you buy cheap restorations.

Speaking or Singing Problems

In addition to biting and smiling, your teeth play an important role in speech. If your teeth aren’t properly proportioned, even, or regularly shaped, it can make it harder for you to make some sounds. This can be especially important if you’re a singer or a public speaker–your voice is your livelihood–you have to be able to be clearly heard at all times.

Your Smile Is Worth the Investment

We’ve talked before about your smile as being an investment. As with many investments, something that seems like a bargain at first turns out to be a money pit. This is often true of cheap cosmetic dentistry, which will often have to be redone at even greater expense.

Make the right investment the first time: choose a quality cosmetic dentist for your procedures. To learn more about quality cosmetic dentistry in Savannah, please call (912) 234-8282 for an appointment with a dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.