A closed bite is when your upper teeth and lower teeth come together without enough height to support a proper bite or appearance. Normally, in a resting position, your upper front teeth should project slightly in front of your lower teeth, with the lower teeth resting slightly but not much behind the upper teeth, while the back teeth come together. However, in a closed bite there is not enough height in the teeth to keep the teeth in this position and the lower teeth actually come up high enough to strike the roof of the mouth.

Causes of a Closed Bite

To some extent, a closed bite is genetic, so it’s likely that if others in your family have a closed bite, you will, too. A closed bite can also be caused by excessive wear or damage to your teeth, causing them to lose their height and ability to support a proper bite. If you lose teeth in the back, you may be more likely to have a closed bite.

Why Fix a Closed Bite?

A closed bite can lead to an unattractive smile. Your teeth are not in their proper relationship, so they won’t look right when you smile. Because the position of your jaw may be off-kilter, it may even affect the shape of your lips and face.

A closed bite usually results in a loss of height for your face. Your teeth no longer give your face its appropriate height, which can lead to a sunken appearance, almost as if you have no teeth. It can contribute to jowls and deep folds in the face around the mouth. It can even give you an off-kilter appearance to your face. Fixing a closed bite can have the effect of a nonsurgical facelift.

If you have a closed bite, chances are you also have an inefficient bite. Your chewing can lead to further destruction of your teeth, and it can cause jaw pain. Left untreated, many people with a closed bite will develop TMJ.

How to Fix a Closed Bite

There are many approaches to fixing a closed bite, depending on the cause and stage of your condition. Orthodontics are often advised, but we might also do a full mouth reconstruction, building up your damaged teeth to support the proper position of your jaw.
For more severe cases, often referred to as deep bite, surgery may be necessary.

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