One of the things about the past is that it can be hard to leave it completely behind, especially if you have a constant reminder about it every time you look in the mirror. But cosmetic dentistry can erase those signs of your past and help you fully become who you are in the present. Here’s some of the markers of your past that we can eliminate.

Growing up in Poverty

There are many things you can do easily to disguise a childhood in poverty. It’s easy to buy better clothes and learn to wear them well. It’s a little harder to learn the proper manners and language and always make sure you’re using them, but it can be done.

But your teeth will always bear the marks of poverty unless you have them fixed. Whether you have untreated decay, visible damage or wear, or crooked teeth that you couldn’t get fixed, we can give you a beautiful smile that no one would associate with your past. A cosmetic renewal can even help if you got a smile makeover in the past that you weren’t happy with.

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be very damaging on your teeth. In particular, bulimia nervosa can cause you to alternately binge on sweet, sugary foods, then purge with vomiting, which can seriously erode your teeth. Teeth that are seriously damaged or worn can be repaired to give you a smile that is no longer marked by your previous condition.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Use

Many of us make mistakes in youth that we later regret. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend every morning looking in the mirror at the consequences of your mistakes. Decay due to neglect or bad habits while addicted can be repaired. Tooth loss related to car accidents or tobacco use can be corrected with dental implants. Once you’ve gotten over your addiction, you can also erase the marks of your mistakes.

Meet Your New Day with a New Smile

As they say, “Tomorrow is another day,” and with cosmetic dentistry you can meet it with another smile, one that is as beautiful and enduring as your spirit. Your life may have been hard, but you’ve made it through, and now your smile can, too.

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