Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for many reasons. They’re fully functional, allowing you to eat all the foods you enjoyed eating with your natural teeth. They also don’t require any special attention–just brush and floss like natural teeth. And let’s not forget that they can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

But are they attractive? Yes, indeed they are.

Patients Are Highly Satisfied with Dental Implants

At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, we work hard to ensure that every person who receives dental implants achieves an attractive smile. You can look at the results of our work in our smile gallery, which includes several people who benefited from dental implants.

But you can also be reassured by scientific studies that have looked at how people feel about their dental implants. One study looked just at the simple question: are you satisfied with the appearance of your dental implants? 88% of respondents said they liked the appearance of their dental implants. In another study, people were asked to rate the appearance of dental implants on a scale of 1-100. Although ratings ranged from 70-100% the median score of all aspects of appearance was 96%. And when you averaged the ratings from all patients, every category of appearance was in the 90-100% range.

Dentists Have Higher Standards

Although most patients are highly satisfied with the appearance of their dental implants, dentists tend to give lower marks to their own work and that of their fellow dentists. Why? Because we’re naturally perfectionists, and we are constantly striving to improve our craft and our art. We won’t be satisfied with our work until every one of our patients is 100% satisfied.
The good news is that we’re getting closer every day. Our art is constantly improving, and during your consultation we may be able to show you before and after images from even more recent patients, and you’ll be able to speak with some of our real patients about how they felt about their dental implants.

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