It’s a criticism sometimes labeled at the younger generations (some of whom are now much older than we used to be!) that we want everything now. We have no patience and aren’t prepared to take the time to do things right.

But when it comes to dental implants, you might be right to demand it right away. Often, getting dental implants done in one day is the best approach.

Everybody Loves Faster Results

Of course, one of the biggest benefits to getting dental implants placed in one day is that you get your results so much faster. You can have an attractive replacement tooth right away.

And getting your results faster means you won’t have to rely on short-term replacements like temporary dentures or temporary bridges. You already decided that’s not the tooth replacement method for you–why use a temporary one?

Faster results might be better results, too. One thing that can be hard to achieve with dental implants is maintaining the gums that ascend between your teeth–called the papillae. Putting in an implant-supported crown right away can help support the papillae to ensure that you get the most natural results possible for your dental implants.

Faster Function Is Good, Too

But it’s not just aesthetics that benefit from a faster dental implant procedure. It may be more functional, too. The procedure is technically known as immediate loading because the dental implant will immediately have some amount of load right away. This is beneficial because it helps dental implants do what they do best–stimulate your jawbone so it builds bone, rather than removing it because the tooth that used to be there is gone.

Other times there’s a risk that temporary restorations, especially a temporary partial denture, could put uneven pressure on your newly placed implants, which could affect results.

Can You Get Dental Implants in a Day?

If placing dental implants right away has all these possible benefits, doesn’t everyone get them done this way?

Not necessarily. It’s important that we take the right approach to dental implants in every case. Often, that’s placing them in one day. Other times, we might have to wait.

We have to wait if it seems like placing a restoration on top of the implant might put the implant at risk. This can occur if you have an uneven bite that puts excessive force on the place where the implant is going. A little bit of force helps build bone. A lot of force can dislodge the implant. So, if you have an uneven bite, we might want to wait. We may also talk to you about TMJ treatment and whether it will help you preserve your dental implants.

We might also wait if there’s just not enough bone where the implant is going and you need the bone graft to heal before placing an implant.

And sometimes when the implant is placed, it may seem vulnerable. Then we’ll wait to make sure it’s stable before putting a crown on it.

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