Ask someone a hundred years ago to picture a “car,” and what are they coming up with? They’re probably thinking of something like a Model T. Sure, some of them may think of a Mitchell Submarine or even an Argo Electric, but the fact is that they’re not thinking of the same thing you are when asked to picture a car today. Whether you are thinking of a Lamborghini Huracán, a Toyota Prius, or a Ford F-series, you are thinking of something very different from what people imagined 100 years ago.

So why is it, when you think of dentures, you are probably thinking of the same thing as people thought of a century ago or more?

mature woman shows off benefits of her smile with dentures

Dentures Are Different Today

So, what are you thinking about when you picture dentures? Are you thinking of fake-looking teeth that slip out of place? Are you imagining an uncomfortable appliance that you’ll want to take out every chance you get? Do you envision having to give up all your favorite foods?

If that’s what you’re thinking of, then, yeah, you’re thinking of your grandparents’ dentures, because today’s dentures are nothing like that. Or, rather, they don’t have to be, because there are plenty of people who will gladly sell you dentures made with century-old techniques.

Modern dentures can be unlike anything you think. Fountain of Youth Denture™ can be essentially indistinguishable from natural teeth. They can be completely secure: secure for smiling, secure for talking, and secure for laughing out loud. They can be comfortable, so comfortable you won’t want to take them out–and they can even be made so you don’t have to. Your dentures can be as natural a part of you as your own teeth were.

And dentures can allow you to continue enjoying a full diet, including whole apples and steak.

Why You Haven’t Noticed the Change

We understand that you’re skeptical. You don’t believe dentures have changed because you haven’t noticed them changing. But there’re very good reasons why you haven’t noticed the change.

Changes Aren’t as Visible

It’s easy to see how cars have changed over the years. Whether we’re talking about styling (where did the fins go?) or power (a 1949 Meteor managed 100 hp out of its V8, about the same as the Mazda2, with a tiny four-cylinder) or efficiency (a 1964 Thunderbird got just 9 mpg and topped out around 105 mph compared to the 50 mpg or so a Prius manages, with a top speed of 112 mph and a second-and-a-half shorter 0-60 time!) you can really notice how cars are different from just 50 years ago, let alone 100.

But denture changes are subtler. They relate to the fit of the dentures, their function, and small alterations in appearance that you won’t notice–literally! There are probably many people you meet every day who are wearing dentures and you just can’t tell. That’s one of the biggest changes in dentures these days–you can’t see who’s wearing them.

Cheap Dentures Stand out

Unlike the modern dentures that can’t be distinguished from natural teeth, there are plenty of people out there with cheap dentures that are all too obvious, just like you can’t help but pick out a 100-year-old Model T puffing down the street. You see them taken out and put aside in restaurants because people can’t eat with them. You see people readjusting these slippery dentures with their tongues before they talk. You easily identify the wearers by the way their mouths have become sunken around their dentures.

You Haven’t Tried the New Dentures

If you only saw 100-year-old cars on the street, and that’s all you’d ever driven, it would probably be hard for you to accept that cars really could be that much better. I mean, how is it possible that anyone could drive more than 55 mph?

And if you’ve only had traditional dentures, it might be as hard to accept the difference dental implants and neuromuscular dentistry can make with your dentures. But you don’t have to take our word for it–we can put you in touch with real denture patients who once thought as you think, that dentures couldn’t be better. And then you’ll definitely want to try them for yourself.

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