Over the last 20 years, there’s been a revolution in facelifts, away from surgical facelifts and toward nonsurgical rejuvenation using techniques like lasers and injectables. These approaches let you avoid the downtime, risks, and complications related to surgical facelift, but they have limitations.

These limitations likely showed themselves during the shutdown and ongoing state of emergency related to COVID-19. Fortunately, dental rejuvenation offers an alternative that overcomes these limitations without surgery.

Injectables Are Short-Term

mature looking woman shows off her wide, bright smile

One of the biggest limitations of most nonsurgical facelift approaches is that they work for only a short period of time.

The length of time depends on the injectable used, the place they’re used, and your metabolism. However, it can range from as little as three months for BOTOX® Cosmetic to a year for some facial fillers in some places. This might not have seemed like a major issue in the past. Despite the cost, it was still worth it to enjoy the results with periodic touchups.

However, with a 3-month state of emergency and ongoing risk of developing COVID-19, needing to make periodic visits to a clinic to get reinjected regularly seems like a bigger problem.

This is one way that dental rejuvenation really stands out from injectables. If you get a nonsurgical facelift with dentistry, you can enjoy those results for 10 years or more. There’s no need to make additional visits anywhere, just keep your regular dental maintenance routine. 

Results from Injectables Can Look Unnatural

Another complaint people have about rejuvenation with injectables is that the results can look unnatural. This can be due to many causes, such as uneven injection, uneven spread, or uneven breakdown of the filler material. Your body can respond with swelling, which might go down quickly, but sometimes persists. Some fillers even have irregular textures that can show up where the skin is thinnest. Usually these problems are subtle, and you might not notice it most of the time.

But Zoom and other virtual meetings highlight your face in different ways. Even if you can conceal the little bumps and troughs with proper orientation and lighting, it can make you self-conscious.

Dental rejuvenation doesn’t have this problem, because it’s not a superficial or uneven application. It rebuilds your facial structure from within on the firm foundation of properly proportioned teeth that restore your face’s youthful appearance. 

Get a Beautiful Smile, Too

Another problem with injectables is that they can’t address tooth problems that contribute to an aged appearance. You might not be happy with your smile, either, these days. But with a dental rejuvenation, you can get a brighter smile and youthfully proportioned teeth to help erase years of damage from stress, diet, smoking, and other aspects of your lifestyle. Using Fountain of Youth Denture®, we can even achieve these results for people who have lost or are losing their teeth.

If you are looking for a way to rejuvenate your appearance that avoids the limitations of injectables, consider a nonsurgical facelift with dentistry. Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, GA.