We definitely live in an age of technological wonders, and many of them have improved cosmetic dentistry. Among these wonders is the invention of incredibly strong ceramics that can be used in many dental applications, such as ceramic dental crowns where we could only use metal crowns in the past.

But sometimes it’s better not to need to rely on these amazing materials, and when it comes to implant dentures, there is often a better way. Although many implant dentures make use of these very strong materials, sometimes we can do a better job with materials that are not as strong.

Two Approaches to Dealing with Bite Stress

One of the demands of implant dentures is that they have to be able to deal with the full stress of your bite. Traditional dentures sit on your gums, fit loosely, and can’t create the same bite force as your natural teeth. But dental implants create a solid chain of force that goes from your jawbone to the implants to the dentures. This can potentially put your dentures under tremendous stress.

There are two techniques for dealing with this problem. One is to make the implant denture as strong as possible. Another is to balance the bite forces so they don’t require a fortified implant denture.

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Can Implant Dentures Be Too Strong?

When you make implant dentures very strong, you can preserve them against tremendous bite forces. So the dentures survive, but that doesn’t mean that force goes away. In fact, the strong materials in your bite can foster a harder, stronger bite, partly because your dentures don’t sense force the way your teeth do. There’s little feedback to tell you that you’re biting too hard.

That’s okay, because your dentures can take it, right? Not necessarily. Your dentures can take it, but what about the rest of the bite system?

The strongest implant dentures are made of a combination of titanium and zirconia. Zirconia has a strength of up to about 1100 MPa, nearly 160,000 pounds per square inch! That’s more than 25 times as strong as your natural teeth–and about five times as strong as your bone. But if we’re looking at the real “weak link” in your bite, it’s the cushioning disc in your jaw joint, whose strength is less than 1/40th that of the implant denture.

Benefits of Balanced Forces

The good news is that in order to achieve bite forces similar to your natural teeth, you don’t need material that’s 25 times stronger. You can do it with materials that are about as strong or a little stronger than your natural teeth. If you have your dentures fitted to your bite system.

That’s the goal of Fountain of Youth Denture ®: we fit your implant dentures to your bite. We balance the forces so you don’t need extreme engineering to stand up under normal bite situations.Fountain of Youth Denture ® make great implant dentures. First, it’s going to be more comfortable: your bite won’t be extreme, which can lead to sore muscles, jaw pain, and other problems associated with TMJ.

And because we’re not limited to the strongest materials available, we can make tradeoffs with the most attractive materials available. This helps your dentures look more natural as well as functioning naturally.

And because we’re fitting your dentures to your entire facial structure, you can look dramatically younger, too.

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