The transition from having teeth to wearing dentures can be traumatic. Losing teeth is like losing a limb or other major body part: you experience a significant sense of loss. And this sense of loss can be worsened by the fact that many denture wearers start out with a set of dentures that is terrible and confirms all their worst fears about dentures.

But you don’t have to be afraid. We can make dentures that will give you the full confidence you had when your natural teeth were whole and healthy.

Top Denture Fears

There are a number of fears people have about their dentures, and, unfortunately, in the past these fears were often justified. Some of the leading denture fears include:

  • Denture maintenance reminds me of what I have lost
  • Foods will be hard to eat and won’t taste as good
  • I won’t be able to talk or even just stand still without drooling or spitting
  • Everyone will know I have dentures and they will judge me
  • Loss of friendship and intimacy: friends will abandon me and I won’t be comfortable being close to my spouse
  • Dentures will hurt

All of these fears have their grounding in reality. Dentures do require additional care, and for some people this can be a stressful reminder of their loss.

Dentures may not be as good for eating some foods, and they can reduce your sense of taste because they cover your upper palate.

Many people do have difficulty with drooling and spitting when wearing dentures. Especially worn down, small, or ill-fitting dentures may make it so your lips don’t fold properly, which can cause saliva to dribble from the corners of your mouth.

Economy dentures look cheap and people will be able to tell, but whether they will judge you depends on the company you keep. Most friends and family will still be close to you. Intimacy can be a challenge with dentures, and many people feel embarrassed at first to take out their dentures in front of their spouse at first. Typically, this will pass, and you will be able to be comfortable with your spouse again.

Denture pain depends on the fit and type of your dentures. Poorly fitting dentures can cause significant pain, though most denture wearers tend to get used to it and it diminishes.

Fearless Dentures

But dentures are nothing to be afraid of–when they’re done right. With implant dentures, you may be able to get dentures that are completely affixed in your mouth, that don’t need to be removed every day.

Implant dentures can also give you the ability to eat all the foods you enjoy–while making it easier for you to enjoy them, since there’s no need for a plate that covers your upper palate. These dentures can be used to talk just the same as your natural teeth, too, so you don’t have to worry about drooling and spitting.

Properly fitted and supporting dentures will also keep your mouth from folding the wrong way and causing drooling.

And the denture fit will make all the difference in the world when it comes to denture pain. There’s no reason for anyone to keep living with painful dentures.

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