It’s hard for people to understand how much their smile matters if they’ve never lost it. But if you have, you know the problem all too well. When your smile has been damaged, suddenly your happiness has been stolen.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can feel free to smile again with cosmetic dentures.

How a Damaged Smile Hurts

For most people, the beginning of another great day means looking at our reflection in the mirror. Whether you’re shaving, putting on makeup or just brushing your teeth, this is the time for you to look at yourself and smile because you’re happy to be you, and happy to be alive.

But for people with a damaged smile, this morning ritual is a reminder of what they wish they could forget: missing teeth. And even if they do not smile, the face bears reminders of what is hidden: deep lines and folds, wrinkles around the mouth, and hanging jowls are all signs of teeth that are gone.

This becomes even worse when you go about your daily business. Everything that makes you smile makes you sad because it reminds you about your missing teeth. And heaven forbid something should make you laugh, because that would fully expose your damaged smile.

Dinners with friends and family become virtually impossible. You are only able to eat a very limited selection–if you feel comfortable eating in public at all. And you find yourself mumbling because you are afraid that talking will expose your teeth.

Traditional Dentures Aren’t Much Help

Traditional dentures do little to improve your situation. If they’re a reasonable quality and new, they may allow a person to flash a quick smile, and maybe speak reasonably well. But people with these dentures still live in fear that they will slip when you laugh, and are usually uncomfortable eating with them.

This is not an idle fear–chances are it’s happened more than once. So, although these are better, they’re not an ideal solution.

Cosmetic Dentures Give You Confidence

It was in response to our patients’ experiences like these that we designed cosmetic dentures.

Because cosmetic dentures are designed to give a better fit, they allow you to go through your day with confidence.

Speak with confidence.

Smile with confidence.

Laugh with confidence.

Eat with confidence.

And even when you’re not smiling, your face will show the rejuvenating effects of cosmetic dentures.

cosmetic dentures don’t just give you your teeth back, they give you your life back.

If you want to learn how cosmetic dentures can help you, please contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, Georgia today.