Missing teeth can result in a diminished quality of life for several reasons. Not only does a lack of teeth prevent us from enjoying the foods we once loved; it makes us self-conscious about our physical appearance. Studies have also linked missing teeth to specific health problems that could prove deadly. Recently, a group of scientists tested a futuristic potential remedy for this common problem by conducting an experiment that yielded some fascinating results.

Growing New Teeth

Unlike some animals, humans are only capable of growing two sets of teeth; however, a group of researchers out of King’s College in London are out to change this. Using stems cells, the research team successfully grew human/mouse hybrid teeth within the mouths of mice. While it may sound like some sort of horrifying science-fiction experiment gone wrong, scientists consider this successful study to be a major breakthrough that might one day result in dentists implanting new artificially-grown teeth inside the mouths of their patients.

A Modern-day Solution

Someday, science may allow us to have virtually any body part restored. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible in today’s world. With that being said, if you are missing teeth, you don’t have to simply throw up your hands and accept your dilemma. Dr. Reeves and Dr. Strickland provide their patients with permanent dental implants that work just as well as natural teeth.

Taking Back Your Life

Aren’t you tired of living without the delicious foods you once enjoyed? Why muddle through a life without teeth, when you can regain the freedom to smile and chew as you once did? Contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry today to learn how dental implants can drastically improve the quality of your life. You don’t have to wait around for science to provide a remedy for missing teeth, because it already has.

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