It must be admitted that when it comes to your smile, it’s your teeth that steal the show. Ideally white and shiny, they should be most of what you display when you smile. But just as we shouldn’t neglect the lips when we talk about your smile, we also need to remember that your gums play an important role in achieving an ideal smile appearance.

Healthy gums, properly contoured gums, and proportional gums are all crucial to achieving the ideal smile.

Healthy Gums

Ideally, your gums should have a healthy appearance. Red, inflamed gums are unattractive, and if they’re bleeding the blood can seep up between your teeth, marring your otherwise attractive smile. A healthy pink appearance of your gums is a prerequisite for getting a successful smile makeover, and ensuring that you get results that last.

If you have unhealthy gums, we can coordinate with your normal dentist or a periodontist to ensure that you achieve gum health that will provide a good foundation for your smile makeover.

Contoured Gums

Another important aspect of your gums is that they are properly contoured. Ideally, they should be even and follow a uniform scalloped curve. This is crucial to achieving a good appearance for your smile.

Think of it this way: the shape of your tooth is determined by its four borders: the top edge, the sides, and the gums. Even if we make the other three sides of the tooth even and straight with the others, defects in the fourth side can make the tooth look too large, too small, crooked, or poorly shaped.

Proportional Gums

When you smile and especially when you talk, you will be showing some of your gums and some of your teeth. Ideally, there should be a balance between these that favors the teeth but isn’t exclusive to the teeth. Most often, the problem is that people show too much of their gums and too little of their teeth.

If the problem is due to gums that are too high, they can be contoured to reveal more of your teeth.

Usually, though, the problem is that your teeth have worn down and your teeth now appear too small. In this case, we build up your teeth with porcelain veneers or dental crowns so that you achieve the attractive, balanced smile you desire.

At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry, no detail is overlooked in helping our patients achieve the smile of their dreams. If you want to learn how we can help craft your perfect smile, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Savannah.