As well as peg laterals, missing lateral incisors are a significant defect in your smile, and most people opt to have them corrected as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with the results they get from their lateral replacement procedure. The good news is, though, none of these results are irreversible, and we can help you achieve your desired smile, no matter what approach was used in the past.


Canine Substitution

Canine substitution is probably the most common approach to correcting missing lateral incisors. It involves moving your canine teeth into the space left behind by lateral incisors that never developed. This procedure fills the gap, but it often leaves people unhappy with the appearance of their smile.

The canine tooth is not the right shape for your lateral incisor. The canine substitution may initially seem like a good solution, but over time you might want a tooth that is shaped like a lateral incisor. Porcelain veneers can be used to reshape your canines and give you an attractive smile that looks natural.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are sometimes used to replace the missing laterals. They are a very good treatment option, but they can have three major problems. First, not all dental bridges are as attractive as they could be. Either they were never as well done as they could have been, or they changed with time. In either case, a cosmetic renewal can be used to give you new dental bridges that look really good.

Other times, you might have an imbalanced bite that is putting too much force on the dental bridges. This can lead to numerous fractures, failures, and infections. We can help identify TMJ or other bite problems and balance bite forces to prevent future damage.

Finally, the loss of bone under a dental bridge can cause a collapse of gum tissue under the bridge, which creates an unattractive black space between your gums and your dental bridge, even more conspicuous than black triangles around dental implants. We can use bone grafts and dental implants to build this area of your jaw back up and encourage it to maintain the bone.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are normally the best option for replacing missing laterals. But they’re not always done well. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your dental implants, or if your old implant has failed, we can either replace the restoration or the implant.

If you are unhappy with the result of a lateral replacement or other cosmetic procedure, we can help you get more attractive and more durable results. Please call (912) 234-8282 for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist, offering Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.