Social media has created a new class of professionals: influencers who get paid to post. Their job is to make it look like they live the glamorous life of the rich and famous, then persuade others that certain products or services are part of that life.

Looking beautiful is de rigueur for these models-on-the-move, which means they invest heavily in their beauty. And one of the most popular procedures they invest in is veneers. Observers of the trend note that it’s becoming difficult to find influencers who don’t have veneers. But why are veneers so popular among these influencers? It’s a complicated combination of factors.

Beautiful Happy Woman Showing Love Sign Near Eyes

Your Smile Is Critical to Selfies

As Instagram and other social media platforms have developed their own visual language, the selfie has taken a central place in the grammar. A selfie is to social media what the chorus is to a pop song. It’s the riff you return to regularly, the arresting creation that sticks with the audience and really brings home the message.

For social media influencers, this message is: “I’m here and I’m having a great time.” And although there are many expressions that influencers have tried over the years to try and convey their emotions, none have really matched the simple smile. This means that influencers are going to need their smile to be great, the way a pop song needs that perfect lyric capable of morphing into an ear-worm in the brains of millions of listeners. That’s why so many influencers have decided to get veneers.

Veneers Improve Whole-Face Beauty

But while veneers make your smile beautiful, that’s not all they can do. The beauty and balance of your face depends on your teeth. For example, when vlogger and influencer Gabi DeMartino started getting lip fillers, she got veneers so her teeth could balance out her plumped lips.

Beyond veneers, it’s actually possible to alter your facial appearance by building up your teeth. We use this primarily as a nonsurgical facelift, but even some younger people like the changes they can see, as well as the improvements in the health and function of their teeth.

Veneers Look Luxurious

To be desirable, veneers have to fit into the image of a luxurious lifestyle. And they do. There are few things that say “celebrity” like having a beautiful smile of large, white teeth.

Veneers can give this look to anyone. No matter what smile you were born with, you can achieve the beautiful celebrity smile with veneers.

Conveying the luxury of veneers is why many people still refer to them as porcelain veneers, even if they’re no longer made of porcelain.

Veneers Look Natural

But Instagram influencers have to look natural. They walk a delicate line, because their authenticity is part of their appeal. They can’t look fake or else they will be harrassed by trolls and dropped by fans.

Veneers are a great choice this way: they can look very natural. Veneers have a surface luster that mimics natural tooth enamel, and they can come in tints that range from very bright white to a creamy natural tone, depending on what you’re looking for. They can mimic the natural character of your smile, but magnified, and correct certain minor flaws, but leave others intact so your smile retains its character.

With all these options, veneers achieve the ideal of looking beautiful without looking fake.

There’s No Downtime

One of the demands of Instagram and other social media is that you have to be posting constantly. And it has to be you. While some posts can be delegated to an intern or a friend, you need to have your selfie out there regularly or else your account loses its personal draw. So if you are doing a procedure that leads to downtime because your face is red, swollen, or bruised, it creates complications. You might show the procedure’s effects, which can be valuable, but can also be a turn-off for followers. On the other hand, you might shoot and schedule pictures in advance, which can make you seem inauthentic.

But veneers don’t have any downtime: you can keep living and posting the same as before while the procedure is done.

Veneers Are Long-Lasting

The trick of being an influencer is making it look effortless. But the truth is that it’s anything but. You have to hustle every day to get your hair, your makeup, and your clothes just right. This takes time and it creates a lot of ongoing expenses.

But with veneers you know that your smile is always camera-ready. A quick check in the mirror to see if you have a quinoa seed in there or something, but otherwise it’s always ready to go. You can enjoy ten years problem-free with a quality set of veneers. That’s over 10,000 trouble-free smiling selfies if you post the average of three a day.

Seek Out Quality Veneers

As Instagram influencers get recognized for their marketability, they have been approached with offers of free veneers. This might seem like a good deal, but often it’s not. Instead, you should look at your veneers as an investment that will pay off. You want veneers that are worth paying for, and then as a tool of your trade, you can use them to help improve and expand your following and marketing power.

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