We are delighted to introduce a new technology that can help anxious patients relax and have a positive experience without the need for medication. With NuCalm, all you have to do is come into our office, sit down, and with the application of some advanced neuroscience, you can achieve a relaxed state you never dreamed was possible in the dentist’s chair.

How NuCalm Works

NuCalm uses an understanding of your brain’s stress mechanisms to divert and diminish them to the point that even if you want to feel stress in the dental chair, you will still feel relaxed.

You start by chewing some natural supplements. These aren’t drug tablets, they’re nutrients derived from food that help you feel calm. In fact, one of the ingredients (Gamma amino butyric acid or GABA) is naturally produced by your body when you are getting ready for bed.

Next, microcurrent stimulation patches are applied to your skin. The gentle current from these patches help your brain stop responding to stress and take in the sleepytime chemical GABA.

Then we will put on the headphones that will play music for you, but not just any music, it’s music with a proprietary neuroacoustic software. The music has embedded in it two different rhythms, one in each ear, which encourages your brain cycles to slow down from a stressed level to the more relaxed level that matches the disparity between the beats.

Finally, light-blocking glasses complete the relaxed atmosphere by protecting you from the bright lights used in the office.

Is NuCalm Right for You?

The short answer is: you’ll never know until you try it. In early testing, NuCalm has proven a very popular technology, with 95% of patients saying they’ll use it again, and 98% saying they’ll recommend it to their friends and family.

NuCalm is all natural, with no side effects or risks. It takes just a few minutes to try. And it may be the answer to your dental anxiety, without drugs.

A New Alternative, Not a Replacement To Sedation Dentistry

Although we’re very excited about the potential of NuCalm, we understand that people with dental anxiety might not want to risk trying a new technology that won’t give them the relaxation they need to get proper dental treatment. We will continue using more traditional sedation dentistry methods so you can continue using them if you would prefer.

Want to learn more about this exciting new technology? Please contact Beyond Exceptional Dentistry in Savannah, Georgia today for an appointment.