It’s a common mistake that people make when getting a smile makeover: not getting enough teeth treated. It may not even have been a mistake at the time–you may have been happy with your results at first.

But over time, you may become less enthusiastic about your smile makeover. One possible solution to this is to extend your smile makeover and get teeth treated that you had passed over the first time. Here are some of the more common reasons why people want to extend their smile makeover results to previously untreated teeth.

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Noticing Natural Tooth Problems

One of the simplest reasons why people look to extend their smile makeovers is that they now realize how bad some other teeth looked. When all your teeth were natural, you may just have noticed the most important, central teeth.

But now that you’ve gotten your smile makeover, you’re suddenly noticing problems with teeth you hadn’t seen before. You may not even have noticed that these teeth had problems before. But now you can’t help but see them every time you smile in the mirror.

Poor Match with Natural Teeth

Your cosmetic dentist may have told you that your restorations would perfectly match your natural teeth. Sometimes, this is difficult for dentists to achieve. Not everyone has the level of cosmetic dentistry training and experience that we have at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.

Depending on the state of your restorations and your teeth, we may recommend changing your restorations or adding more restorations to complete the smile makeover.

Natural Teeth Stained or Damaged

Another reason to extend your smile makeover is that maybe some of your natural teeth don’t look as attractive as they used to. Maybe they’ve become stained by dark-colored foods or beverages like tea or coffee. Or maybe they’ve become chipped since you got your smile makeover.

In either case, adding new restorations can help make your smile makeover look beautiful again.

Functional Problems

What if the problem isn’t cosmetic but functional. Sometimes, people get a smile makeover because of cosmetic reasons, not knowing that there were actually functional concerns that should be addressed, too–and not all dentists know enough to see the signs.

If you’ve come to realize that your smile problems are more than just cosmetic, a neuromuscular dentist knows how to turn a smile makeover into a full mouth reconstruction that isn’t just beautiful, it’s a functional improvement, too.

Are You Unhappy with Your Smile Makeover Results?

If you’ve gotten cosmetic dentistry from another dentist and you’re unhappy with the results, a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry can help you get results you’ll love. Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment.