It’s holiday party season again, and that means spending far more time than you want on getting ready for said parties. Doing makeup, picking the right outfit, and finding the best accessories for your outfit can all take up a lot of time. Not to mention stress.

But with a beautiful smile, you can worry less about those things and more about enjoying yourself at the party.

females celebrating with a a glass of wine

A Smile Is More Attractive Than Makeup

If you can’t imagine going out without doing your makeup, here’s something to think about: nearly 75% of people surveyed thought that a smile makes people look more attractive than makeup.

That’s right, for all the time you spend on your foundation, blending your shadow, and selecting just the perfect shade of lipstick, it’s still your smile that’s going to make the biggest difference in making you look more attractive.

While hardly scientific, this poll shows that a smiling person without makeup is associated with characteristics like “approachable,” “fun,” and “youthful,” while unsmiling people with makeup were considered “moody,” “disinterested,” and “hostile.” Ouch.

And, speaking of youthful, it may not be your makeup that does the best job of making you look younger. We’ve already talked about the difference a nonsurgical facelift can make on your appearance. But just smiling can make you seem younger, too. It can even help you appear ageless.

People Remember Your Smile

We know, you have to spend so much time picking the right outfit because all the right people are going to be at the party, and you have to make a good impression on them.

Let’s stop you right there: it’s really your smile that people are actually going to remember. That’s right: your smile is what people remember from an initial meeting. Neither your clothes nor your witty repartee are as likely to be remembered as your (hopefully) pearly whites.

And if you are concerned about dressing for success, nothing you wear will convey as many messages as healthy, beautiful teeth, which convey impressions of your intelligence, success, compassion, and more.

Be Wise When You Accessorize

One key to successful accessorizing is having fewer accessories that go well with many things. Well, what about the one accessory you can pair with any outfit? Yes, we’re talking about a smile.

Accessories should go with the outfit, draw attention to your best points, and be in the proper scale. An attractive smile goes with any outfit. And it will keep attention on your face, which will make conversation easier and more positive. And your smile can be designed to accentuate your face shape for more attractive proportions.

Wake Up Ready

We may all be past the joke that anyone really wakes up looking fabulous, but with a beautiful smile, you’re close. With a more attractive smile, you’ll spend less time worrying about makeup, outfits, and accessories, and more time just getting ready to enjoy yourself at every party.

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