A new study shows that when lightning strikes in the area, sufferers are more likely to experience headaches or migraines. Lightning strikes can even trigger people to begin getting migraines even if they had never gotten them before.

young woman with eye pain holds her hands up to to face

Tracking Headaches and Lightning Storms

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati recruited headaches sufferers identified by the International Headache Society to record their daily headache activity in a journal for six months. This information was then run against data about lightning strikes, including the location, magnitude, and polarity.

The results showed that people were 31% more likely to experience a headache and 28% more likely to suffer a migraine on days when lightning struck within 25 miles of their home. Even new onset headache and migraine increased by 24% and 23% respectively on days when lightning struck near their homes.

Researchers noted that there were many potential weather effects that might have confounded the results, so they tested the pain against many different weather phenomena, including changes in barometric pressure, temperature, and wind conditions. After eliminating other potential weather effects, researchers were left with a final 19% increased risk of headaches associated with lightning.

Complex Causes

However, although researchers were positive that they were seeing the effect of lightning, they were unable to pinpoint the exact mechanism by which lightning might be causing the increased headaches. Possible mechanisms that were proposed included electromagnetic waves from the lightning, additional ozone in the air, or spores released by the lightning strike.

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