One of the biggest concerns people have about procedures that help combat aging is: how much younger can I really look?

This is a terribly difficult question to get an answer to, and the honest answer is that we can’t really put a number on it. And, in truth, the goal of rejuvenation procedures is actually an “ageless” appearance. However, there is a definite impact on your apparent age with a nonsurgical facelift.

Tooth Discoloration

Look Younger with Nonsurgical FaceliftWe know that discolored teeth make you look older. And we know that whitening them, which can often be done most effectively with veneers, can make you look dramatically younger. In fact, surveys show that just whitening your teeth can make you look 5-12 years younger.

Just this one effect of a nonsurgical facelift is more significant than a surgical facelift, which typically makes a person look about 4-5 years younger.

Double Chin

A double chin can definitely make you look older. We’re not sure exactly how much older a double chin makes you look–the exact impact hasn’t been specifically studied. However, a nonsurgical facelift can help you get rid of your double chin.

While excess fat under the chin contributes to the development of a double chin, the effect is also related to the loss of volume in the lower jaw, which can be caused by worn or lost teeth as well as bone loss. This makes the skin hang down more, making it more likely to fold. By restoring lost volume to your jaw, we can diminish or eliminate the appearance of your double chin.

Facial Folds and Wrinkles

While it’s true that skin sags with age–and this can contribute to facial folds and wrinkles–sagging skin isn’t the only problem. As volume is lost in the jaw, you have the same amount of skin that is placed over a smaller volume of bone, which requires that it folds and wrinkles to try to fit.

But restoring the lost volume allows your skin to lay flat again, reducing the appearance of folds and wrinkles.


Like folds and wrinkles, jowls are often blamed on skin that stretches, allowing the fat pads to hang down. But it’s just as true that the jaw is moving up. As teeth get worn down or lost, the jaw will move up and back, so that it actually passes above the level of the cheek pads.

Restoring the teeth puts the cheek pads and jaw back into proper relationship. This reduces the appearance of jowls.

Thin Lips

Studies show that thin lips are independently associated with people thinking you are older. It’s one of the facial features with the strongest link to perceived age. And it also has the strongest link to your dental structure. If your teeth don’t have enough height, there isn’t enough room for your lips to show. Even if your lips are naturally plump, short or worn teeth will make them look thin.

But building your teeth back up will help your lips regain their natural, youthful plumpness.

Find Out How Much Younger You Can Look

With the ability to impact so many different aspects of an aged appearance, a nonsurgical facelift can potentially make a dramatic difference in helping you look younger.

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