Because they are exposed to significant scrutiny, celebrities tend to focus heavily on their physical appearances. Although they may seem to be blessed with good genetics; many times, famous actors and musicians have received cosmetic dental work to help refine less-appealing features. The following celebrities have used dental veneers to improve smiles that might otherwise have held them back in their respective careers.

Some Notable Names

  • Nicolas Cage – Over the years, Cage has acted in numerous movies, which have raked in millions and millions of dollars. Although he surely owes the majority of his success to his acting prowess, he may never have had a chance in Hollywood if he hadn’t improved his smile by getting veneers.
  • Tom Cruise – Perhaps the most famous and successful actor of our time, Cruise is known for flashing an attractive smile. That said, the movie star didn’t have straight teeth until he received dental veneers.
  • Kate Beckinsale – Over the years, this British actress has found her way onto numerous “most attractive” lists. If not for veneers, this probably wouldn’t have occurred.
  • Zac Efron – Not only is Efron an up-and-coming actor; his image is plastered all over the bedrooms of teenage girls. This may not have happened if he hadn’t corrected his unattractive natural teeth with the help of porcelain veneers.
  • Victoria and David Beckham – This celebrity power couple can stop traffic on multiple continents. Unfortunately, before they got dental veneers, they were more apt to stop traffic for the wrong reasons.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones – Although she’s well-known these days, Zeta-Jones actually struggled during the early part of her career, thanks in part to an unattractive smile.

Get that Celebrity Look

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who need straight, attractive smiles. Studies have shown that our teeth can have a big impact on our professional and social lives. Fortunately, if you aren’t satisfied with the appearance of your natural teeth, you can attain the smile of your dreams by getting porcelain veneers. To learn more, contact our cosmetic dental office today.