Missing teeth can make people appear less attractive, causing them to hide their smiles and become more introverted. Additionally, research has shown that this common dental issue is also associated with serious medical problems that could threaten lives.

Studies Highlight Risk

For years, researchers have uncovered evidence that missing teeth are somehow associated with deadly health issues. Over a decade ago, a Finnish study drew a strong correlation between missing teeth and ischaemic heart disease in men aged 45-64 years. Other studies have yielded similar results, which have piqued the interest of modern researchers.

In 2010, a Swedish research team wrapped up a 12-year study which looked at over 7,500 subjects. After pouring over a decade’s worth of data, the researchers found a strong correlation between the number of teeth each participant had and his or her risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. In fact, they determined that subjects with fewer than 10 teeth were at a seven times higher risk of dying from coronary heart disease when compared to people of the same sex and age with more than 25 teeth.

What’s the Reason?

No one is exactly sure why missing teeth might be associated with medical problems; however, past studies have shown that missing teeth can lead to nutritional deficiencies that could promote health issues. This makes sense when you consider that we need an adequate number of healthy teeth to chew rough fibrous vegetables, nuts and lean meats.

Improving Your Quality of Life


Because they make chewing difficult to impossible, missing teeth can significantly detract from a person’s quality of life. A growing body of research suggests that missing teeth may also indirectly promote medical problems by depriving us of healthy fiber and nutrients.

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