Social pressures can have a big impact on the way we perceive ourselves. Many times, people develop low self-esteem when others respond negatively to a particular physical shortcoming. A recent study showed that this problem can be especially bad for modern men, who face the same sorts of objectification that has plagued women for years.

Feeling Inadequate

Research out of University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that modern young men are prone to experiencing body shame, thanks to the kind of objectification we tend to associate with women. To reach their findings, the researchers recruited over 200 college men and had them complete a survey that asked them to assess their own physical appearances and their abilities to establish and maintain relationships. Ultimately, the men expressed significant signs of body shame, thanks mostly to popular culture influences which promote specific characteristics as “ideal.”

Magazines to Blame?

According to the researchers who conducted this study, bodybuilding, entertainment and fitness magazines are now objectifying men the way beauty magazines objectify women. In response, modern men are now experiencing more body shame than they used to.

The World Isn’t Fair

In an ideal world, people would disregard physical appearances and judge others based on who they are regardless of physical appearances. Sadly, in the real world, people have difficulty looking past physical flaws. Millions of men and women spend countless hours in the gym perfecting their bodies. In reality, however, studies suggest that teeth are far more important, both socially and professionally.

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