Even a few years ago, dentists believed that if you had a bad bite, gold was the only dental crown that could stand up to the punishment your molars suffer. You might have been told that a gold crown was your only option, and so you have suffered with it for a number of years, always self-conscious about your mouth when you talk, when you laugh, when you eat, and when you smile.

But you don’t have to suffer any more. With a cosmetic renewal, you can get an aesthetic all-ceramic crown on your molar so that you can enjoy yourself without ever worrying that a laugh will reveal your unattractive metal crown.

We Can Fix Your Bite

One of the exciting things about modern dentistry is that we have the ability to fix a bad bite, so that we can reduce or eliminate excess stress on a particular tooth. We can evaluate your bite condition, determine whether you have TMJ, and proceed with noninvasive, reversible treatments that can give you a more comfortable bite.

This will not only help protect your new crown, it will help protect all your teeth–including the one under the crown. There are many problems that come from a bad bite that a metal crown cannot fix. Although gold crowns can reduce the wear on opposing teeth, they won’t stop it, and if you don’t fix your bite you may be looking at not one but two or four crowns. A crown also won’t stop drift and crowding of teeth that can be worsened by a bad bite.

And sometimes a crown won’t even protect the tooth it’s on. If your bite is really bad, preparation for the dental crown can narrow the tooth and put it at an increased risk of fracture.

Advanced Materials

In addition to being able to improve your bite to alleviate or eliminate high pressure points, there are new advanced materials that are capable of withstanding excessive bite forces. We describe these as “porcelain crowns,” but they’re actually made of advanced ceramics. There are many different types of ceramics available, and we can select the one that best fits your situation.

If you have been told in the past that only a metal crown would meet the demands of your bite, please call (912) 234-8282 for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry and learn whether you can benefit from new technology to get an attractive new crown.