There are a few days that come up regularly in our memories. These days are bright and sharp in our minds because they are so wonderful. People report many days as the happiest in their lives: getting married, the day a child was born, or maybe graduation from college or a professional achievement. And the odds are that you have a few pictures from that day put up around the house.

When you look at those pictures and at the smile you had at the time, do you wish you could get back to that time? We can’t literally take you back in time, but we can put your smile back the way it used to be.

happy couple enjoying the beautiful outdoors

The Impact of Time on Your Smile

When you look at those pictures of you in the past, you probably notice just how many things have changed in your smile. Your teeth were probably whiter than they are now. They were probably longer, and they may have been straighter, too. They may have had fewer fillings and restorations. All these aspects of a beautiful smile can be changed in time, leading to the smile you have today.

Discoloration of your teeth most often occurs because of discoloring foods and drinks that gradually accumulate in your teeth. Teeth whitening can work well for this.

But you might also experience erosion of your dental enamel, which makes the tooth look duller and more yellow–and won’t respond to whitening. Or maybe you’re developing craze lines–small vertical cracks in your teeth–and these can accumulate stains, making them darker than the rest of your tooth. Porcelain veneers can help with that, giving you a beautifully white smile again.

Veneers, inlays, or crowns can also help if your teeth have been worn down or decayed. These restorations can replace unattractive metal fillings, build up your teeth to their former size and shape, and, at the same time, give your smile back the color it had in those happier days.

Make Today the Happiest Day of Your Life

The midlife crisis is real, partly because we think our happiest days are behind us. It may be hard to achieve a happier day than the one in your memory, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. With your smile restored to its former brilliance, you’ll probably find yourself smiling more, just to show it off.

And then a funny thing will happen: you’ll find that you’re happier than before. Smiling isn’t just a response to being happy, it makes you feel happier, too. And when you smile at others, you’ll be delighted to see them smile back–and that will make you happier, too.

Although many such days may be behind you, there are still many of the happiest days of your life to come. To meet them with a more beautiful smile, please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with a Savannah cosmetic dentist at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry.