The population in America and the world is aging rapidly. The number of Americans age 65 and older is expected to more than double over the coming decades. As more of us grow old and experience the effects of aging, such as lost teeth, we have to face the consequences. Replacing lost teeth means dentures, and that means more people will learn the limitations of traditional dentures. They look for a premium denture solution that is better than the traditional dentures offered in most practices. That’s where Fountain of Youth Dentures™ come in. They are dentures designed to overcome the limitations of traditional dentures and give the best results possible with dentures.

Here’s what sets Fountain of Youth Dentures™ apart, and why they should be your dentures of choice.

The Theory, Techniques, and Materials That Set FOY® Dentures Apart

A Scientific Approach to Dentures

Traditional dentures are unpopular among patients. They tend to fit poorly. They don’t function well. They can be painful. They wear out. And they make you look older.

But dentures were also unpopular with dentists. Dentists hated making dentures because they couldn’t give these patients the same high-quality results they gave to their other patients. Many dentists–especially those dedicated to quality results–gave up on making dentures altogether, which left the market open for cheap denture makers who didn’t care about quality but mostly sold their dentures on low price to make a profit on volume.

Dr. Rod Strickland was one of these dentists. But then he realized that the problem with dentures was mostly that they had been taught wrong. Most people learned dentures using old methods that didn’t take into account new developments in dental science and technology. Dr. Strickland decided it was time to update the method for fitting dentures to be more scientific. This would take a bit more time but would yield better and more consistent results for patients. He developed his new technique and was amazed at how well it worked. He then began teaching other dentists to approach the process scientifically. This created the Fountain of Youth Dentures™ revolution.

How Fountain of Youth Dentures™ Can Give You a Facelift

One of the big problems Dr. Strickland wanted to overcome was the way that dentures made wearers look older. When he looked at the problem, he realized there were two main reasons why dentures made their wearers look older. First, denture manufacturers tended to set their teeth further back than natural teeth. They did this to try to increase the stability of the dentures, which were often not well fitted. But with the teeth set further back, wearers’ lips would partially collapse.

Second, most dentures weren’t tall enough. This was also a response to defects in the denture fitting process. Making dentures too tall would mean that a wearer’s lips couldn’t close around the dentures. Without any reliable way to measure the proper height for dentures, dentists erred on the side of making them too short. But since teeth provide essential support for the skin of the lower face, too short dentures left wearers with too much skin for the support structure. This lead to more sagging and wrinkling of the facial skin. This accentuated the collapse of lips, making the problem even worse.

But Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed to overcome these limitations. With increased stability, these dentures can put their teeth in a more natural position to support the lips. And by using proper measurements to determine the ideal height for the dentures, Fountain of Youth Dentures™ dentists can eliminate the excess skin in the lower third of the face.

Thorough Procedures for Proper Fitting

Once Dr. Strickland had decided on the theoretical background for the new Fountain of Youth Dentures™, he needed to develop a set of procedures that would ensure the new dentures were always properly fit. This meant going against many of the things that dentists had been taught in the traditional dentures process.

With Fountain of Youth Dentures™, dentists don’t just try to fit dentures in the mouth, they try to fit dentures to the entire facial structure. This means measuring not just the gums, but measuring the jaw muscles, which determined the proper height of the dentures. To achieve this, Dr. Strickland employs TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation), a kind of massage that pulses and ultimately relaxes the jaw muscles. The pulsing of the muscles helps fit the dentures in a dynamic system so they don’t just fit when your mouth is still–they fit through the entire range of motion.

TENS also causes your muscles to relax to their proper length. This allows dentures to be fit precisely to the proper height. They won’t be too large, but they won’t be so small that they cause your facial structure to sink or collapse.

The Best Manufacturing Available

In addition to the outstanding fit, Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are distinguished by their outstanding choice of materials. Traditional dentures use plastic for the base and for the teeth. But this doesn’t make for a natural appearance. Natural teeth and gums are very different materials, and they look very different. To replace them in an attractive, natural-looking way, dentures have to use different materials for the teeth and gums.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ use ceramic materials for the teeth and high-density PMMA for the base. The ceramic teeth are harder, brighter, and more durable than plastic teeth, and they look more natural. The high-density base gives the most durable and most natural-looking base for dentures.

Compatible with Dental Implants

Of course, traditional dentures are falling in popularity because of the use of dental implants. However, dental implants don’t always solve all the problems with traditional dentures. It’s possible to have implant dentures that make you look old and don’t fit or feel right.

Fountain of Youth Dentures™ are designed for use without dental implants, but they can be adapted to work with dental implants. That way, you get the benefits of a facelift while improving bite force with implants.

Don’t Fall for Imitations

The development of Fountain of Youth Dentures™ has transformed the way dentists make dentures. They come from around the world to learn Dr. Strickland’s revolutionary new process for making dentures.

Unfortunately, success often has its downside. One downside is the imitators that pop up, trying to capitalize on the benefits of Fountain of Youth Dentures™. Several dentists who took Dr. Strickland’s course have decided to market their own version of Fountain of Youth Dentures™ under different names. These dentures may look like Fountain of Youth Denture™. Dentists may claim they work the same, but they are knock-offs that should be avoided.

When you are looking for dentures that have an unparalleled fit and can rejuvenate your facial appearance, you are looking for Fountain of Youth Dentures™.

Get Your Dentures at the Source

Dr. Strickland has taught many dentists the secrets of Fountain of Youth Dentures™, but he retains many of the unique insights that he gained in developing the new dentures. If you are looking for the absolute best in dentures, you should consider getting them from Dr. Strickland himself.

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