The Savannah dentists at Beyond Exceptional Dentistry neither recommend nor offer metal amalgam fillings to patients. Modern porcelain fillings provide a number of benefits over traditional metal fillings, including durability, beauty and peace of mind.

The Risks of Amalgam Dental Fillings

Metal amalgam fillings have long been the standard for treating dental caries, or cavities. These fillings, however, contain mercury, which has been linked to potentially fatal complications in humans.

In recent decades, dramatic advancements have been made in alternatives to amalgam fillings, which are also prone to loosening, cracking and breaking. One of the most effective and popular of these treatments is fillings created from dental-grade porcelain.

As new options for fillings emerged, a global movement to halt the spread of mercury poisoning and stop the use of amalgam dental fillings grew. Last year, nearly 150 countries signed the Minamata Convention, one of the provisions of which is the progressive phase-out of metal amalgam fillings. While metal amalgam fillings have not been definitively associated with health problems, many believe the possibility of long-term mercury absorption by the body is not worth the risk.

The Benefits of Porcelain Dental Fillings

Besides, evolving dental techniques, materials and technology have led us to better options than amalgam fillings. If you need new dental fillings or a filling upgrade, porcelain fillings offer numerous advantages over traditional metal fillings:

  • Seamless fit: Unlike metal fillings, which are essentially packed into the cavities, porcelain fillings are custom made to fit the affected teeth then bonded over the teeth
  • Enhanced durability: Because they are bonded to your teeth and will not expand and contract with temperature changes like metal fillings, porcelain dental fillings provide greater strength and stability
  • Improved aesthetics: Individually crafted from tooth-colored dental ceramics, porcelain fillings can be tinted to resemble your natural teeth; no one will notice you have fillings

Porcelain dental fillings are designed to help teeth impacted by decay function, feel and look just like healthy, natural teeth, and they are quickly overtaking metal fillings as a primary treatment option. In fact, to answer the question posed by this blog, the only benefit to metal fillings is short-term financial costs. While metal amalgam fillings may be cheaper, it’s important to remember that they often require replacement and can actually cause further damage to teeth when they crack or break.

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