Are you considering getting veneers or another type of procedure to give yourself a smile makeover? In many cases, you have to make decisions about which teeth you want to treat, a decision that can have a huge impact on both the appearance and the cost of your smile makeover.

So what do you do about teeth that don’t show when you smile? Should you improve their appearance or leave them as they are? That depends.

Beautiful blonde haired woman relaxing at home while smiling

Figure Out What Teeth Show

If you are considering a smile makeover, you want to make sure that the results look good. To do that, you need to make sure you’re improving the appearance of all teeth that show.

You might think that you can figure this out easily by looking in the mirror. This might reveal your smile style, but the issue is not that simple. You can give a big smile in the mirror and get a good sense of which teeth that show, but you should also consider that your smile might be different when you’re genuinely happy than when you’re putting on a smile in the mirror. Especially after you feel more confident in your smile, you could have a tendency to smile more broadly.

And, of course, remember that smiling isn’t the only time you show your teeth. You also have to consider the teeth that you show when you’re eating and talking. To do this, you can take a video of yourself speaking to the mirror. You might find that something like replacing old metal fillings is more important than you thought.

What Type of Change Are You Making?

Another issue to consider is the degree of change you are making between your current teeth and your restored teeth. If you’re just looking to repair a minor chip or two, or close a gap in your smile, you might want to match your restorations to your natural teeth, anyway. With the restorations blending so nicely, it won’t matter if you don’t restore some of your other teeth.

However, if you’re dramatically changing the color, length, or shape of your teeth, it might be important to restore the appearance of teeth that are right next to the ones you’re focused on. That way, there’s not a dramatic change from one part to the other, and your teeth won’t look like a patchwork. It’s also important to remember that dramatic differences between teeth can really catch the eye, even if they’re visible only for a short time.

Do These Teeth Bother You?

Perhaps the biggest issue to consider is how you feel about these other teeth. It’s important how a smile makeover changes the appearance of your teeth, but it’s even more important how it changes your feelings about your teeth. You need to feel good about the results or the procedure is a waste.

So make sure and take the time to ask yourself how you will feel about the teeth you leave unrestored. Will you be fine knowing that they’re there, or will it bother you to think about the unattractive restorations, discoloration, and damage or wear?

Let’s Design Your Smile Makeover Together

A smile makeover is a custom procedure. We can design it exactly to your specifications, so we want to have an in-depth conversation about your cosmetic goals. Then we can talk about the ways we can achieve those goals, including which teeth we will want to work on or with.

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