We know that a smile can have many positive effects. It can help you get a job. It can help you feel younger. It can help you craft the perfect image. But it turns out that smiling can make an even bigger impact: it can help you overcome prejudices and stereotypes. That’s according to a recent study that looked at how people perceived smiling and unsmiling faces.

group of friends enjoying a cool morning

First Impressions Only

For this study, 90 undergraduate students were recruited to look at pictures of people and give their impressions of the people’s personalities, based on the picture alone. The personality traits they were asked to consider were:

  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

For this study, 8 pictures were used, four of the people smiling, and four of the same people not smiling. The people in the photos were Caucasian men, Caucasian women, Japanese men, and Japanese women.

When students rated the unsmiling photos, they showed clear signs of social stereotypies. Caucasian men, for example, were rated as less agreeable than Caucasian women, and Japanese women were considered to be less extraverted than Caucasian women.

Compared to the unsmiling photos, the smiling photos were rated higher in extraversion and agreeableness. And when students rated the smiling pictures, the signs of this prejudice were reduced or disappeared. Smiling seemed to level the playing field and helped people escape the limits of prejudice.

Researchers concluded that in some ways people are more likely to judge you by your actions rather than by your social allegiances, such as your ethnic background and gender. Although these results are preliminary, they do confirm some other research about the power of smiles.

Be Known for a Great Smile

Our country could certainly do with a little less prejudice, and none of us wants to start off on the wrong foot. Especially when a bad first impression can be so hard to shake.

Other research has already shown that it’s your smile that plays the biggest role in the first impression you make on others. That’s for good or ill, because an unattractive smile can make people more likely to believe that you are less intelligent, less friendly, less kind, less sensitive, and  less interesting.

But if you do have an attractive smile, then you’re more likely to be given greater respect in these and other areas where your smile makes a difference.

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