If you’re unhappy with the way aging is affecting your appearance, you might be considering many potential options to rejuvenate your appearance. There are many good reasons to avoid a surgical facelift, such as the lengthy recovery time, the discomfort, and the risk of complications.

But even if you’re considering nonsurgical treatment, there are many potential choices, including skin laser treatments, injectable fillers, and even the recent addition of stem cell facelifts.

We utilize stem cells in our dental implant procedures because we know they have the potential to work, but when it comes to facial rejuvenation, their results tend to be limited, and can’t accomplish what we do with our nonsurgical facelift.

Limits of Stem Cell Facelifts

How Stem Cell Facelifts Work

Stem cell facelifts are a new nonsurgical approach to rejuvenating your facial appearance. They are an alternative to artificial facial fillers that may be able to provide longer-lasting results.

In one version of the procedure, it’s a variation of the fat graft. Fat is taken from a part of your body where you have excess and treated. The goal of this treatment is to concentrate some of the undifferentiated cells and healing factors in the fat tissue so that they are better able to adapt to the new environment, allowing more of the graft to survive for longer.

Another version is the so-called “vampire facelift,” which is intended primarily not to restore volume but to rejuvenate skin. In this procedure, it’s your blood that’s used as a source of the undifferentiated cells. The blood with concentrated healing factors is then injected back into your face to help restore the skin’s ability to heal and rejuvenate the way it did when you were younger.

What Stem Cell Facelifts Can Do

Stem cell facelifts can achieve some very specific goals. Fat grafting can be used to restore the volume lost in some of your face’s fat pads. This may include hollows under the eyes or hollow cheeks. It might also be used like other facial fillers to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds.

The “vampire facelift” is used more generally to rejuvenate the quality of your skin, tending to make it more taut and more elastic. This might reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It might also reduce some loose, hanging skin.

What Stem Cell Facelifts Can’t Do

But these types of facelifts can’t achieve what our nonsurgical facelifts can. That’s because these are still just soft tissue approaches. They can’t address some of the deeper changes that are taking place in your jaw and teeth. If you want to really restore the proportions of your lower face and achieve the facial balance you had when you were younger, that requires addressing the foundation of your facial structure. That means restoring the teeth so that they occupy the height and volume they did when you were younger. This will provide a solid foundation for any other rejuvenation procedures you might consider, whether targeting your skin or your soft tissues.

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