At the end of the day, most parents feel their age; and with so many responsibilities and stressful conflicts, it’s no secret why. More than a few people have complained that their children are aging them prematurely. Now, a new study appears to bolster these humorous claims.

Are We Like Bees?

After studying bee colonies for quite some time, researchers have determined that parental responsibilities accelerate aging for the winged insects. Forced to nurture the hive’s progeny during the summer months, caregiving bees demonstrate a significant decline in brain function when compared to similar bees which only collect pollen. Published in the Journal of Experimental Biology, the study also found that “parental” bees enjoyed much shorter lifespans when compared to worker bees, which weren’t required to feed and care for the queen’s new larvae.

What’s Aging You?

Much like bees, humans experience significant physical and mental stress associated with caregiving. While there’s no doubting that parental responsibilities have the power to make us feel tired and rundown; it’s not clear whether they actually make us age faster.

With that being said, certain things have been proven to age us prematurely, including sun exposure, poor diets and a lack of exercise. Additionally, many people are surprised to learn that they’re dentures can actually play a huge role in making them appear much older than they really are.

Because they tend to provide weak support to facial tissues, traditional dentures can promote the appearance of jowls, lips lines and chin wrinkles. They can also create a sunk-in look by making the chin appear too close to the nose.

Rejuvenation is Possible

By offering Fountain of Youth Denture® which are custom-made to support facial tissues for a much fuller look, Dr. Strickland and Dr. Reeves help their patients turn back the proverbial clock. It doesn’t matter if you’re still raising young ones or your children have already left the nest; now is an ideal time to recapture that youthful look by switching neuromuscular dentures. Contact our office today to learn more.