Dental implants are always the best tooth replacement option, but there are some situations where they make so much of a difference that we would always recommend them if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Complete Dentures

When you replace all your teeth with dentures, you’re going to be losing a lot of your bite force. Even the best dentures can’t give you back the biting force you had with your natural teeth, but dental implants can.

But here’s the great news: Fountain of Youth Denture® are fully compatible with dental implants, so you can still get the rejuvenating effects that are the hallmark of a nonsurgical facelift.

Removable Partial Dentures

You might think that complete dentures are the worst, but it’s hard to say whether they’re worse than removable partial dentures. With hooks, clasps, and springs that are intended to hold the denture in place, these can be uncomfortable, can interfere with speech, and might damage your neighboring teeth.

Often, removable partial dentures are completely ineffective for eating, and they won’t even stay in place during the course of your day. This means that even if they look okay, there’s decent odds they’ll be out of place when you smile or talk.

Dental implants solve all these problems, giving you attractive tooth replacement options that stay put.

The Front of Your Smile

The cosmetic benefit of dental implants really matters in the front of your smile. Here a partial denture or even a dental bridge might lead to cosmetic problems. In particular, the loss of jawbone and the collapse of gum tissue that can occur once a tooth is lost can be problematic at the front of your mouth.

The Back of Your Mouth

But dental implants aren’t just valuable for their beauty. They are important too because they have the ability to support themselves, unlike partial dentures or dental bridges that depend on other teeth for support. If you lose the last tooth in the back of your arch, the only option for a fixed replacement is a cantilevered bridge, which basically makes one tooth do the work of two, and in the most punishing part of your bite. So, it’s no surprise that these bridges have a higher risk of failure and can take the supporting tooth with them. So dental implants are definitely the best choice here.

Missing Tooth Surrounded by Healthy Teeth

And while we’re talking about dental bridges, it’s important to remember that they always require the modification of neighboring teeth to support them. If your teeth on either side of a missing tooth are healthy, this would mean removing healthy tooth material, which we try to avoid. A removable partial denture, too, can contribute to wear and decay on neighboring teeth.

A dental implant, on the other hand, completely supports itself and allows your healthy teeth to stay healthy.

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