At Beyond Exceptional Dentistry means not just delivering quality dentistry, but changing the way dentistry is practiced. We have a history of pioneering new approaches and techniques to dentistry, and we’re proud to talk about one of our newest innovations: VitaSmile.

VitaSmile is like a smile makeover and a full bite reconstruction combined. It’s an approach to redoing your smile in a way that enhances both the appearance and the function of your teeth.

A pretty female standing a a big display, showing off advanced digital technology.

How VitaSmile Works

VitaSmile begins with a thorough examination of your teeth by Dr. Ryan Reeves, the inventor of the procedure. He will evaluate the health and function of your bite using a combination of his experienced eye and advanced dental technologies like T-Scan. T-Scan can assess the function of your bite, measuring the exact force between your teeth in real-time. This lets Dr. Reeves identify any local pressure points (including points of transient pressure) so that he can design your new, balanced bite.

He will look at your teeth for signs of wear to determine where your uneven bite may have accommodated through damage to your teeth. Then he will check your teeth for other signs of oral health problems, including demineralization (pre-cavities), cavities, tooth infection, chips, stress cracks, and more.

Once he has performed a comprehensive examination of your smile, Dr. Reeves will recommend the procedures to restore the health and beauty of your smile.

Recommended procedures may include:

The recommendations are comprehensive. The goal is not just to restore your current oral health, but to head off developing health problems so that you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for decades to come.

What’s Keeping You from Your Best Smile?

We know that many people spend years suffering with unattractive and unhealthy smiles because of many reasons.

Savannah Dentist Ryan ReevesSome people stick with a current dentist who just fixes problems as they become serious. They think this is the way dentistry works: you’re never really healthy, just never too unhealthy. But truly healthy and beautiful smiles are possible for people who take the steps to seek out the opportunity.

Others think that a beautiful smile is just vanity. But a beautiful smile is an essential social asset, with personal and professional benefits. And with VitaSmile, you’re not just improving the appearance of your smile, but also the health of your teeth.

Some people think that a smile makeover is going to be too expensive. They don’t realize that financing can make a smile makeover affordable. Plus, there is a high cost to poor oral health.

Finally, some people are just afraid of the dentist. For these people, sedation dentistry and our drug-free relaxation with NuCalm can help them relax at the dentist.

Don’t let these or other worries keep you from enjoying your best smile. Please call (912) 234-8282 today for an appointment with VitaSmile cosmetic dentist Dr. Ryan Reeves at Beyond Exceptional Dentisty in Savannah, GA.